What are your chances of having twins or triplets?

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Of all the questions a newly pregnant mum-to-be has, “am I having twins or triplets?” goes straight to the top!

And for good reason. Getting your head around one baby is challenging enough. Double, triple or (lets just not go there right now) and you have a whole lot of planning to do! So how can you determine your chances of a multiple birth?

It’s in your genes! 

If you are a twin or there are twins in your family your likelihood is increased. Ditto if you’ve already had a set of twins, then your chances of having another set is higher!

Triplets however, don’t run in families (more on that later) and are more likely a result of either random selection or assisted fertility treatments.

Age counts

Older mothers (35 and up) are considered more likely to have a multiple birth thanks to a higher production of follicle-stimulating hormone.

This is the hormone that causes an egg to prepare for ovulation and older women often release more than one egg per cycle.

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Previous pregnancies matter

Basically, the more babies you’ve had the greater your chances of having twins. There’s also some evidence to suggest that women who are taller with bigger frames are more likely to fall pregnant with twins.

When it comes to triplets and quads and even quintets and sextuplets – well, apparently they have nothing to do with genetics. Assisted fertility or medication to increase your fertility is said to increase the chances, and the rest comes down to chance.

And if you want to break down what ‘chance’ looks like on average? 

In 2017, of the 309 142 babies born in 2017,  just under 60 were born as one of a set of triplets. #PrettySmallChance!

But what of the risks?

Multiple pregnancies come with increased risk – no matter how many babies the mother is carrying – because her body has a huge job to do. Back ache, pelvic pain, increased swelling as well as higher chances of pregnancy complications, like high blood pressure and diabetes top the list of potential issues.

Many multiples are also at risk of being born slightly smaller than average and may need special care after birth.

That said, multiples also bring enormous amounts of joy!

Maria Nordo Jorstad, is a 36 year-old mother of four, living in Copenhagen. She gave birth to triplets, Iben, Filip and Agnes last November after documenting the entire pregnancy and birth on Instagram

Triple the joy!

Maria’s account has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers and that’s because it makes for riveting scrolling! Check out this recent video she made documenting her day.  It’s enough to make you want to express post her a vat of coffee.

Yet, despite the constant work and huge lack of sleep, Maria and her husband (who also have a 2.5 year old, son!) are full of love and awe of their magnificent family: 

“It often strikes us how surreal and wonderful it is that we got three babies at once.”


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