Chrissy Teigen needed 99 eggs to help conceive her second bub

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Chrissy Teigen took to Instagram Live Stories yesterday, in a delightfully chaotic display of family chatter, hair make-over awesomeness and eggs. It’s the gift you didn’t know you needed today.

Soup stories

In this Live video (which someone helpfully popped up on YouTube) we find a crown-filtered Chrissy and John Legend, sitting on the couch, shopping for cast-iron pans. No, wait. They’re MINI cast-iron pans. Chrissy explains that she’s keen to ladle individual serves of soup into them.

John compliments her on her French Onion Soup. And then on her Chicken Pot Pie Soup. All while he’s trying to find the exact right pans for his pregnant wife. It can only be described as stinkin’ adorable.

If you’re catching up at this point, know that the couple are already parents to one-year-old Luna. The family – including Chrissy’s mum Vilailuck (aka Pepper Thai) – are now very excited to be expecting another baby some time next year.

“Eating for many”

In the midst of the pan shopping (the pair namecheck Williams-Sonoma), Pepper arrives and the cosy and sedate online shopping scene amps up. Because Pepper spices everything up, as we all know.

“Mom! Come say hi to everyone and don’t say what the baby is!” Chrissy calls to her mum, who has just arrived.

“I have a photo,” her mum, Pepper, says proudly.

“You have a photo of IT!” Chrissy confirms.

“So happy happy happy! Thank you. So blessed,” Pepper says.

“Are you pregnant?!” Chrissy teases.

“No but I’m eating with you!” Pepper quips, examining the proportions of her face on the screen.

“That’s true,” Chrissy confirms earnestly. “We are eating for many.”

Chrissy Teigen on Instagram stories


“I bought them eggs already”

At this point, Pepper explained a little more about how her grandchild-to-be was conceived. We already figured IVF was involved, but we can now reveal (thanks to Pepper), that eggs and fruit were an important part of the process too.

“Now we gotta bring banana back to the temple, banana and egg” Pepper suggested to her daughter.

“I bought them eggs already, that was the whole thing,” Chrissy responds. “We had to go to the temple to beg for a baby, and then I had to buy them eggs.”

“99 eggs and banana,” Pepper confirms.

“So shouldn’t they give me back eggs?” Chrissy asks her mum, perhaps aware that 99 eggs is a lot of eggs at the best of times.

“No. We made a promise. We asked for the baby,” Pepper says gravely.

Quite right that seems, too. We’re learning a lot.

Conspiracy theorists

At this point, they dig a little deeper into the offerings. They have a theory.

“This is all very suspicious that it just happens to be their grocery list that day of what you have to bring to the temple,” Chrissy points out.

“…And some noodle … and pasta …” Pepper quips.

“She’s like, can you pick me up some tampons?” Chrissy laughs, adding items to the temple shopping list.

Jokes aside, it’s pretty lovely to catch a glimpse into how this adorable gang prepared for their new baby together. It was – and is – definitely a family affair. 

If you, like us, can’t get enough of Pepper, here is her scalloped potato recipe. On Chrissy’s old – GREAT – food blog. You. Are. Welcome.

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