20 things to do before getting pregnant (go on … you owe it to yourself!)

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Whether you are trying to conceive now, thinking about kids in the future, or looking for the perfect words of advice for friends who are trying too, you probably already know all the practical things you should be thinking about before conceiving.

But have you given any real thought to the nice-to-do stuff that you should be enjoying now before it’s off the table for a reeeeeally long time?

Here’s our ultimate list of things you owe it to yourself to do before you get pregnant. How many can you check off the list?

1. Book a girls’ night at a swanky hotel

And enjoy ALL the things that a swanky hotel has to offer … room service, enormous beds with a pillow menu, a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. And then once you are up and about, a long leisurely breakfast because you don’t need to rush off home. Treasure that ‘don’t need to rush home’ feeling because you’re not going to get it again for a looooong time.

2. Splurge on fancy cocktails

We all know that pregnancy and alcohol don’t mix well, and while we’d never advocate going out on a total blinder at any age or stage, spending a soul-building night with your favourite ladies sipping on the type of cocktails that come with umbrellas is a lovely way to say goodbye to alcohol for the foreseeable future.

3. Indulge in soft ice cream

And sushi! Because both will be off the menu for the term of your pregnancy.

4. Go on a trip … and pack only one bag

You’ll be able to reminisce fondly over the memories you create, because you’ll never get away with taking only one bag anywhere ever again! Not even the supermarket.

5. Wear pretty clothes often

Heck! Go completely crazy and dress in head-to-toe white. Wear high heels and lipstick. Wear dangly earrings. Grow your nails long and paint them. 

6. Write down a restaurant and bar hot-spot list and tick off at least five

Not going to lie – late night dinners and Friday night after-work drinks aren’t usually as fun with kids in tow.

7. Take a dream vacation

Overseas flights are so much more relaxing pre-kids. While travelling with kids has its perks, any extreme holidays are probably best for now, rather than when you have a baby in your belly or a child on your lap. You do not want to be dragging a whingy toddler to Machu Picchu.

8. Go to a three-day festival

And ensure you book at least three days off work after the festival to recover.

9. Start a 12-month emergency saving fund

Make a plan of how much you will contribute each month, whether it’s $50 or $500. And stick to it. Your future self will thank you.

10. Paint the walls a beautiful colour

Then repaint them again after the toddler years. Because you can expect fingerprints, pen marks and a dent or two over the next few years.

11. Take a road trip

You don’t even have to have a destination in mind. Simply bring music and flip a coin to see where you end up. 

12. Stay up all night watching a TV series

And then sleep in.

13. Start and finish any home renovation project

Don’t believe the cute movie montages … tiling while pregnant or painting with a newborn is never fun.

14. Use the back seat of your car as much as possible

Because once you have a baby seat in there, it is no longer your back seat. So store your work bag, your fitness gear and anything else back there now before all of this stuff moves into the front seat with you or gets shoved into the boot.

15. Turn your spare room into something extra awesome

Before it becomes a nursery, use this space to its full advantage.

16. Read

You know that mental list in your head of the books you’ve always wanted to read? Time to get on it, while you’ve got time for such ‘frivolous’ things as reading!

17. Splurge on something you’ve wanted for ages

When you have a baby, there are plenty of opportunities to purchase big ticket items – cots, prams, car seats – but none of them are really for you. So buy something that you’ve always wanted now, even if it’s not on sale or if it simply sits in your wardrobe looking pretty.

18. Enjoy a three hour brunch

That turns into a late lunch, early cocktail hour and then possibly an all-night dance session.

19. Fly first class

First class is a luxury many cannot afford, but you have a much better chance of it when there is just the one of you. And many popular airlines may soon ban children from flying business and first class. So splurge! And enjoy the extra space.

20. Go out for dinners and drinks with friends … after 8pm

And stay out past midnight.

Yes, being a parent changes you. But, most parents agree that it is definitely for the better. 

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