9 feeding fails all breastfeeding mums know to be true

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You’ve been informed about the engorged breasts. You’ve been told about the nipple pain. And you’ve probably even been warned about the wet t-shirt stains. But are you really prepared for all that breastfeeding entails?

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1. The let-down/look-around conundrum

Have a curious child? Then you will be familiar with this situation – when bub starts to suck, then decides mid-feed to unlatch and check out something else, leaving you with an exposed breast that squirts milk across the room.

The first time it happens is so fun for your baby that it soon becomes a game.

2. The toilet express station

You’re out without your baby. You desperately need to express. There is no parents’ room in sight. You dash to the toilets to pump. Sitting on a toilet, listening to the sound of your pump while others try to ignore the awkward sounds coming from your stall, is always a highlight of any outing.

3. The postman flash

If you haven’t answered the door to an unexpected visitor with your breast accidentally exposed, then you’re clearly doing something right. And, if you have, then congratulations on completing the postman flash.

NOTE: The postman flash does not require the presence of a postman. Any unexpected and completely embarrassed visitor will do.

4. The “did my boobs just wet the bed”?

If your opted to go to bed without breast pads, then yes they did.

5. The swear word bite

Nobody means to drop the F-bomb, but when bub crunches down on your nipple unexpectedly, sometimes it happens.

6. The parallel park and stop

Bub’s screaming. You’re in a no-park zone and kilometres away from home. It’s time to pull out the big guns, hike up your shirt and feed bub in the front seat of the car, much like a circus act.

Bonus points if someone has come up to you and told you to move. Extra bonus points if you’ve ‘accidentally’ squirted that person in the face with your leaking breast milk.

7. The breast milk-a-cino

Sometimes the only milk in the house is breast milk. Some of us really don’t like black coffee.

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8. The one-boob wonder

Bub’s fed on one side and successfully called it a meal. Now he’s asleep and you’re left with one breast with enough milk in it to fill a bucket and the other resembling a pancake.

9. The pump and reluctant dump

Expressing is a full-time job and the reward is the milk that you know will keep baby content even if you’re not around. But when you have to express milk only to dump it (like after a few drinks, or in the case of some medications) or in the event that the milk doesn’t make it into the fridge in time – well, it’s okay if you cry! What a waste!

Regardless of why you are expressing, it’s so important to have a breast milk storage system that covers everything you need. Check out Pigeon’s comfortable and efficient breast pump range, their ultra-hygienic cleansers and sterilisers, their safe and reliable storage systems, their breast pads that bring confidence to your daily (and nightly) leakage and their bottle and teat system, which after 60 years of research is the closest thing to breastfeeding that you will find.

The breastfeeding journey is undoubtedly filled with speed bumps. So prepare for the bumpy (and leaky) road ahead with products designed to support you along the way.

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