The very best pregnancy photo and belly art fails

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Awkward family photos are nothing new. We’ve probably all seen them floating around social media. But these pregnancy photoshoot fails and belly art disasters are something else.

Come take a look. Because nothing says ‘congratulations and good luck on your pregnancy’ quite like these fantastically awful photos.

Just when you think pregnancy cannot get any more awkward and uncomfortable, these photos happen.

preggo fail 10

Come and count down with us some of the very worst pregnancy photo fails ever, designed to make all mums-to-be feel better about themselves. Because, even if you are the size of a bus, hey, at least these moments didn’t happen to you.

Let’s start the countdown of the very worst with belly art, a popular trend and, when done right, a beautiful way to remember such a joyous occasion.

preggo fail 16

The child of the couple in the above photo, for example, will always be able to look back fondly at this picture and remember the time his parents painted themselves like jungle cats to celebrate his arrival.


preggo fails 4

Then there is this lovely mum-to-be, who is over the moon excited about giving birth to a fully grown man who quite possibly could be part of the Olympic dive team.

Congratulations sweetheart. Looks like you’re plunging into motherhood head on.

preggo fails 5

Or, of course, you can always bypass paying a professional artist to draw on your belly and let your husband do it instead, like the mum in the above photo did.

Fail, dad.

It’s always a really sweet idea to include siblings in your pregnancy photo shoot, you know, to show them that this is an exciting time for the entire family.

preggo fails 6

When staging your own, pretty much do the complete opposite of the family above.

preggo fails 7

Lots of mums will also opt to get a photo of a family member kissing the belly. You know, kind of like this interesting situation above. Perhaps it’s good luck to let a farm animal lick your belly.

Many good photographers will choose to use props in their photo shoots. Things like signs that say “Love”, balloons or blocks that spell out bub’s name all add an element of sweetness to any photo.

preggo fails 3

Or this lovely phrase works too.

Tyres seem appropriate for reasons we can’t explain…

Preggo fails 8

After all, it’s a good year to have a baby.

Props aside, when it comes to staging an outdoor photo shoot, lighting is everything and choosing a location with beautiful flowers in the background is quite popular.

preggo fail 14

Having your husband photo bomb it by squatting in the bushes is not.

preggo fails 1

And then there is this woodland-themed pregnancy photo shoot. Because nothing symbolises maternity quite like a bare stomach poking out of a hairy bush.

preggo fails 2

Of course, a woman grabbing her breasts in the middle of a bamboo tree is pretty standard too. Don’t forget the deer in the headlights look.

Now, what about your choice of attire? What should the stunning mum-to-be wear on this beautiful day?

preggo fail 9

HINT: Don’t shop in the third kitchen drawer. Rubbish bags, cling wrap and al-foil are all off limits.

milk dress cover

Or the fridge (yes, this dress is made out of milk).

preggo fail 12

Oh, but it gets better. Because next on our list is this gymnastics gem which not only beautifies the naked body, but also pretty much shows just how babies are made.

Thanks for that.

preggo fail 13

Then there is this lovely manternity photo shoot…which basically is the worst thing I have ever seen in my entire life.

But, sadly, manternity shoots are not uncommon. In fact, we’ve got a whole post dedicated to the weirdness that is manternity shoots.


Well there you go – our go-to guide on how to make pregnancy even more ridiculously awkward for everyone.

Now, how can you screw up your newborn baby photo shoot?  Don’t worry – we’ve got your go-to guide on that too. Check out the worst newborn photo shoots in the history of ever.

(second image via Fukarf)


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