Mum’s kidney stone pain diagnosed as surprise twins … but was really TRIPLETS

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When US mum-of-two Dannette Glitz headed to her local hospital with some familiar pains, she figured she’d be promptly treated for … kidney stones.

Kidney stones?

Dannette was experiencing what she described as intense pain in her back and side and having endured the symptoms before she was pretty certain she knew what was up.

“I started getting pains, I figured it was kidney stones because I’ve gone through them before,” she told ITV News.

But it wasn’t kidney stones at all. In fact a urine test confirmed that Dannette was pregnant with a follow-up ultrasound revealing not one but possibly TWO babies, according to medics. (Don’t worry, we’re getting to that third baby soon!)

“They noticed the pains I was feeling was actually contractions,” Dannette explained in a Facebook update.

The doctor examined her and quickly realised she was actually 34 weeks pregnant with a multiple pregnancy and 4cm dilated.

She was rushed off to another hospital which was better able to deal with her special needs.

“I need another blanket!”

An ultrasound there showed that at least one of the babies was presenting feet-first and Dannette was promptly prepared for a c-section delivery.

“Doctor came in [and] checked me, I was 6cm dilated so they moved very quickly got me into surgery,” Dannette explained.

As the babies were born in quick succession there was a giant plot twist.

“Doctor goes baby A is a boy … Baby B is a girl. It was quiet … then doctor yells, ‘I need another blanket there’s a third!” an obviously blindsided Dannette remembers.

“I ended up having triplets 1 boy and 2 girls,” she confirms, noting that she had not one hint that she was pregnant until she fronted up at the hospital.

“I never felt movement. I never got morning sickness … nothing!” she explained.

The babies were born within minutes of each other all weighing around 1.8kg and are now being cared for in the NICU unit of the hospital.

Dannette and her husband Austin named them Blaze, Gypsy and Nikki and hope to be able to take them home very soon.

What. A. Ride. Congratulations to this family on their THREE new bundles of joy!

our veary unexpected triplets …..they are all in cribs now, no more IV in head , no more tubs of any kind….hopfully…

Posted by Dannette Giltz on Tuesday, 13 August 2019


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