Incredible animation of a c-section delivery inspires a LOT of discussion

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An amazing video uploaded to Facebook is sparking lots of chatter about how heroic women who undergo c-section deliveries are.

“More power to the mamas”

The clip shows the basic premise of a Caesarean section, with a doctor making an incision in a woman’s abdomen and then going about the business of removing both baby and placenta.

Facebook users were gobsmacked by this simplified representation of a c-section, women who’d actually delivered their babies included!

There are thousands upon thousands of comments discussing this kind of birth, tagging mums and dads or prospective parents-to-be.

“Mercy,” one mum wrote. “I pushed for my first and pray I can push future children as well. More power to the mamas that have to go through this.”

“Hope I never have to deliver any through c-section,” another woman posted. “Takes a strong woman to get cut open like that and still have to take on a newborn while healing.”

But some mums were very positive about their own experience of having a baby this way.

“I guess our experiences are different,” one such mum commented. “I’m blessed I never felt any pain after my c section. I kept thinking maybe the pain is still coming but my baby is 3 months old and still no pain. I stood up the morning after with no help. Took a shower and went back to bed. No pain at all. the physiotherapist was shocked. What was painful for me was the spinal block injection.”

How A C-Section Is Performed

The entire process of a C-Section birth from start to finish… This is amazing 👏👏Touch Surgery

Posted by UNILAD on Friday, 14 December 2018

“I had an AWESOME doctor,” one mum noted. “Took less than 30 minutes to take her out and stitch me back up. My nurses were on point with my pain meds after so the pain was minimal. I just needed help taking a shower and cleaning the wound so it wouldn’t get infected. Can’t even see my scar.”

“Moms are awesome no matter how we give birth,” another mum suggested. #Truth

Sorry not sorry

A few people were keen to point out that this video is not a true representation of a c-section procedure.

“This video doesn’t appear to be 100%, the abdominal muscles are not to be sliced thru, the OB actually physically parts the muscle then continues to cut thru the abdominal wall to the uterus,” one wrote.

“What a nice polite video shall we now add a video of an actual c-section,” someone else wrote.

“Minus the massive blood loss, the clamps put in to hold you open, your body going into shock and massively shaking, the complete loss of coherent awareness for several minutes, and overall gruesomeness of it, this video TOTALLY nails it,” another eye-rolling mum posted.

But others thought this was excellent fodder for a bit of domestic bargaining.

“Whenever your husband doesn’t want to take the trash out just tag him in this video,” one mum quipped.


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