Breaking news. Mums gets kids to school early, and has time for coffee

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Off the back of a study proving that getting kids ready and off to school of a morning is the equivalent of an extra day of work (and we know it is! So. Much. Nagging), something totally out of the ordinary happened to me this morning.

It was so odd, that now I feel the need to write about it here and ask, has this happened to anyone else?

Like clockwork

This morning, instead of screaming at my eldest to PUT ON YOUR UNDIES, and tugging socks on my youngest as he pretended to be a thrashing dinosaur, both boys were dressed by 7.35am.

Weirdly, I found all their clothes, too, without having to rummage through the clean washing basket. The right uniform was in the right place, and the socks were already paired.


Oh, and my preschooler’s backpack was also already stocked with his spare clothes, drink bottle and hat.

It was almost like the, ‘Let’s give mum a break’ fairies had visited.

There was still a little reminding: “Please put on your shoes. Your shoes. Hey! SHOES!!”

But not as much as usual.

When I said, “First boy to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth is the winner!” it actually worked. They brushed their teeth!

Breakfast was eaten, lunch boxes packed, hats on and permission slips signed, so we were out the door by 8am.

I didn’t even forget it was library day.


Smug woman pointing at self

Soooo out of the ordinary

I don’t know why this morning was smooth sailing.

I haven’t done anything different or embraced a ‘get stuff ready the night before’ organisational change (although I probably should).

I don’t know why I was able to drop both boys at kindy and school 25 mins earlier than usual, so I was able to sit down and sip a coffee IN the coffee shop before starting my work day.

But I did.

Some days we win, others we lose

I think it’s just luck of the draw.

Some days our kids are better at tuning in or even being responsible for themselves and doing the sh!t we need them to do.

Some days we have slept well, and as such, we can focus on the task at hand and it all gets done quick-sticks.

Some days we’ve done the shopping and as such, the fruit basket is brimming, the pantry is well-stocked and the lunches are a cinch to pack.

Some days we have to spend an extra five minutes we don’t have pulling sheets off a bed and chucking them in the washing machine because a little someone wet it.

Some days instead of filling his backpack with toys, your preschooler might leave it stocked with the spare clothes you’d packed, so you don’t need to go searching for them.

That kind of thing.

Tomorrow might be another story

So while I might be winning today, I don’t expect to be tomorrow.

Tomorrow we will probably be running to the classroom after hearing the bell chime on the walk to school.

But can someone please tell the news stations about my morning? Because it was VERY out of the ordinary.

Extraordinary even.

Although I suspect only a fellow school parent will think so.


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