6 thoughts every mum has before a scheduled c-section

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Both of my babies were been born via scheduled cesareans and despite having experienced one before I had my second son, I remember having the exact same fears and thoughts before going into it. 

If you have also had a belly birth, perhaps you can relate to my feels?  

1.Will I feel them slice me open? Oh yuck

What if the epidural or spinal block doesn’t work? Will I feel the sting of the scalpel, or, shudder, the burn of the laser cutting thing. Oh, I shouldn’t think about that. Nope, too late, now I have a visual in my head. Oh yuck. I think I need to vomit.  

2. How can I shave down there when I can’t even see my toes?

The midwife at my last prenatal check up told me I should shave my pubes before surgery. Um hello, I can’t even see my toes because I am CARRYING A WATERMELON, so how can I possibly do that? Hmm, maybe I can get my husband to do it. Nope, he only know how to manscape his beard. I should get a wax at the beautician. No way, that will hurt – err, you are about to have major surgery and you’re worried about a little waxing pain? Why yes, I am. Okay, maybe my mum can do the shave? Yes, that will work, but hang on, why doesn’t the nurse just do this at the hospital?  

Heavily pregnant mum standing on scales

3. Oh that mama better not bump me

I’ve been waiting patiently in the c-section conveyor belt queue with all the other pregnant mums all morning. And I’ve been very understanding of all the emergencies that have bumped me so far, but that woman over there on her phone, who arrived five minutes ago, better not go before me. I don’t think my mental state, or my rumbling tummy for that matter, can handle waiting any longer. 

4. What if I pass out?

I’m so scared, what if I pass out from fear before my baby is born and I miss out on seeing him being lifted up above the “privacy sheet”? What if I black out from the epidural before even going in, which is likely because I am terrified of needles. Oh, you are such a wimp! Toughen up. No, I’m not. I’m an amazing woman who has grown a baby from scratch and now I am FREAKING out about having surgery while fully awake and conscious. I don’t think most men could handle this.  

Scared mum before c-section

5. What if something goes wrong?

This is major surgery. Yes, lots of babies are born via their mum’s tummy every minute, but there are still risks associated with this. Risks to my baby, risks to me. Man I really hope the obstetrician slept well last night and wasn’t up all night birthing babies. I need her to be focused! 

6. Will I bond with my baby?

I won’t have all those euphoric post-natural-birth hormones flowing through me, so will I bond with my baby straight away? Maybe not. It took you a few days with your first bub, remember? But when you did, boy did you bond! Who knows, maybe bonding will happen quicker the second the time around? Gee, I can’t wait to meet and cuddle this little guy. I love him already. 


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