“Err, is this accurate?” Hilarious pregnancy illustration baffles readers

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A funny diagram depicting the last stages of pregnancy has everyone scratching their heads, and the Twitter reactions are gold!

Is that diagram … accurate?

The picture shared on Twitter by actor Mark Lisseman has had a variety of responses. 

It is of a woman 30 weeks pregnant and shows her unborn baby sitting up, like he is nine months old – or a child glued to the telly after a day at school.

Mum is also sporting some ridiculous long arms, which really, could come in handy when her little one becomes a runaway tot.

A joke, peeps!

The cartoonist who drew the funny picture is the very talented Chris (Simpsons Artist). It is sketched in his characteristic style and is in no way meant to be taken seriously.

“I’m crying!”

Although a joke, the responses to the cartoon have been even more hilarious than the picture itself.

Here are some of our faves:

“The legs! I’m crying,” says one.

“Tag yourself. I’m the Long Arm,” invites another.

“And also at thirty weeks…. the STRETCHY ARM THING … ” notes a commentator.

“What have a just seen?” asks one man, who goes on to explain that the “wee yins in there” must be “celebrating its 8th birthday.”

And finally, one user thanked Mark for giving her a, “good laugh.”

Us too! Us. Too.


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