Mum’s life-with-kids doodles are hilariously on point

A doodling mum has perfectly (and hilariously) summed up what life with kids is really like. 

In fact, her sketches are so on point that we challenge you not to nod or giggle while scrolling through them.

Check them out.

An outlet

Stay-at-home mum Meredith Bartolo Pappas has two little loves. While the ex-teacher says she loves being at home with her kids, aged three and eight months, the funny mum has also needed an outlet for her musings. 

So she took pen to paper to record her daily ‘observations’. 

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Same here!

Mums and dads LOVE Meredith’s Instagram, which basically reflects their life but in a really funny, sketchy way.

Whenever Meredith posts something that makes them nod in agreement, like a doodle about trying to have a conversation on the phone with interrupting kids, the responses are along the lines of “Love this!” “So true” and the clapping hands emoji. 

Here, here, Meredith

So are you nodding and smiling yet?


Well here are three more …

How about now?

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