Krissy Marsh and Andrew Barnett: Secret parent shame, making memories and more

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Real Housewife of Sydney Krissy Marsh and comedian Andrew Barnett compare parenting notes and take on the gossip and news of the week.

Along with ever-wise host Shevonne Hunt, they discuss the following topics and try to find answers to these questions.

  • Are we raising fragile and entitled children?
  • Do parents need to ask each other for permission to go out?
  • What are your fondest memories of childhood?
  • What is your shameful parenting secret?

Listen to Krissy Marsh and Andrew Barnett on The Parent Panel:

Is my child a “wuss”?

This week the Sydney Morning Herald published an article about millennials being fragile and entitled. The story quoted various psychologists and authors who claim that helicopter parenting, positive psychology and a move away from stoicism has contributed to children believing they can do and be anything. Are parents too involved in their children’s lives these days? Are we stopping them taking risks in order to understand failure?

Asking permission

Once children come along, the way you spend your free time also changes. Mainly because you have no free time. Shevonne wrote about how she and her husband have fallen into a habit of keeping tally. Sometimes one partner will get annoyed when their other half goes out all the time without asking for permission. How do you and your partner work out time out? Do you keep tally?

The memories of childhood

When it comes to how we remember our own childhood, there are certain memories that stand out. Shevonne was very attached to her stuffed toys, The Chronicles of Narnia series of books and summer storms. It was cause for reflection, leaving her to wonder what her children will cherish from their childhood? What are your fondest memories of childhood?

Your secret parental shame

A recent discussion in the Babyology office circled around the things that we hide from our kids. Like shopping alone at Kmart and eating clinkers, or nicking all the Cheezels at the kid’s birthday party, or squirrelling away lollies from their party bags when they’re asleep. What is your secret parental shame?


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