Why not terrify the neighbourhood with this giant Stranger Things sprinkler?

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If you’re utterly over the cold weather and have started prepping for warmer days, then you’ve landed in the right place.

The Upside Down

We’ve just stumbled across this amazing inflatable Stranger Things sprinkler and it’s sure to delight fans of the popular Netflix show … and water babies too! 

To celebrate the third season of the popular nostalgia-meet-snew sci-fi show, there’s a bunch of new merchandise. And this utterly amazing sprinkler is amongst those goodies.

This sprinkler is a whopping 6+ feet tall meaning its not a shrinking violet. It’s primed to take pride of place in your front yard transforming your home from suburban cosy to something a little more like the Upside Down.

The Demogorgon sprinkler emits a conical spray of water from the middle of its giant bloom aka frightening all-gobbling Demogorgon mouth.

Whoever dreamed this up is either a monster or a genius. Fact is this spooky sprinkler is sure to have local children, the mailman, dogs, cats and hamster screaming with delight. Or fear. Possibly just fear. Unbridled terror, even.

This sprinkler’s helpful inflatable nature makes it both easy to transport and store, as well as providing a foreboding neighbourhood landmark and conversation starter.

Make friends/scare your neighbours

I mean, who wouldn’t want to live at the house with the giant Demogorgon sitting beside the hydrangeas? It’s way better than a garden gnome, don’t you think?

Stranger Things Sprinkler

Other features of this very special sprinkler include:

  • a snout that sprays water
  • easy connection to any standard garden hose
  • just inflate it, then turn the water on
  • a wide-mouth cap air valve for fast deflation
  • festive and scary vibes
  • easy to clean – just wipe your Demogorgon down

Snap one up if you’re keen because these sprinklers -which are official Stranger Things merchandise – are sure to become collector’s items.

Find out more here.

Stranger Things Sprinkler





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