Kylie Jenner’s Stranger Things pregnancy cravings (and other Stormi secrets)

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Kylie Jenner is very, very excited about being a new mum, and she took to Twitter yesterday to respond to fans’ questions about her newborn baby girl, pregnancy and the shift to motherhood.

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my angel baby is 1 month old today

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Spilling the Stormi beans

Followers were delighted as the Q&A revealed that not only is Kylie absolutely revelling in the whole motherhood thing, but that she’s super keen to share heaps of details about one month old Stormi and her pregnancy.

“Were you afraid of giving birth?” one worried fan asked. “I’m just a year older than you and this is my number one fear about having a baby.”

Kylie’s reassuring response? “I wasn’t afraid and you shouldn’t be either. We were made for this.”

“I had such a perfect experience”

Food was top-of-mind during her pregnancy, Kylie told fans. (She even had a special plan for post-birth snacks something called Craig’s Bread was waiting in the delivery suite for her!)

“What is your number one craving when you were pregnant?” one follower asked

“Eggos!!!” Kylie said, referring to the waffle treat made even more famous by Netflix hit series Stranger Things. “I never liked them before I was pregnant and haven’t had one since I had her. So strange!”

When asked about the most difficult parts of pregnancy, Kylie said it’d been really smooth sailing and she just missed one little thing.

“There really was no worst part! Probably not being able to eat sushi! I had such a perfect experience. She moved a lot.”

Image: Stormi and great-grandma MJ (above)

It takes a village

When quizzed about the father of her baby, Travis Scott and her daughter’s relationship with Kim Kardashian’s newborn (Chicago, who arrived in mid January), Kylie remained positive and grateful.

“How’s Travis with Stormi?”

“He’s the best,” she replied.

“Are Stormi and Chicago besties already?”

“Yes!” she said.

Kylie explained that finding out the gender was a huge surprise, “we thought we were gonna have a boy. We were so surprised!” and that her mum responded beautifully when she told her she was pregnant, “she was so supportive. I love my mama.”

She couldn’t remember which of her sisters she revealed her pregnancy to first (because baby brain?!), “I think it was Khloe. Maybe Kourtney” but said that also-pregnant bestie Jordan was matter-of-fact when she heard the news, “she said ‘OK well I guess we’re both having a baby'”

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Our little rager !!!!

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“Her little toes get me every time”

Kylie’s fans didn’t only focus on her pregnancy and family, they wanted to know ALL about baby Stormi too.

“What’s your favourite feature of Stormi’s? She’s so precious,” one asked.

“Well all of her,” Kylie said. “Her little toes get me every time … She hasn’t laughed yet, but she smiles A LOT!”

“I can’t wait to watch her grow up, but don’t want her to at the same time.”

Naw. We look forward to hearing more about this cute family, when they’re ready to spill more beans!


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