8 amazing Play-Doh playsets perfect for creative play

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There’s a reason why some activities for kids really stand the test of time – they’re classics! As parents, we remember the joy of opening a fresh tub of Play-Doh; modelling and squishing it into any shape we chose; and the satisfying feeling of punching out shapes and using plastic cutters.

And now Play-Doh has more to offer kids than ever! Perfect for strengthening fine motor skills and learning about colours and shapes, this sensory play experience for kids is complimented by toys that make play-based learning even more fun.

Play-Doh Play n Store Table

Play ‘n Store Table

With the Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table you don’t have to worry about making extra room on the dining or kitchen table – it’s a dedicated space to play! The Play-Doh Play ‘n Store Table includes six tubs of Play-Doh plus accessories, so little ones can have hands-on creative play, exploring and creating together.

Sherrie Shearin’ Sheep

Add Sherrie from Play-Doh’s Animal Crew to the table! Sherrie Shearin Sheep is a funny toy sheep that comes with a baby sheep attachment, clippers and shears, plus four tubs of Play-Doh. Your little one can ‘grow’ her fleece by turning her tail, and fashion her ‘wool’ any way they’d like.

Play-Doh Drizzly Ice Cream Set

Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset

Kids can make special ice cream creations with the super-satisfying Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Drizzy Ice Cream Playset! It also comes with a pretend syrup that turns into a ‘candy’ shell when drizzled on top of regular Play-Doh. Amazing. This set also includes a sprinkle maker, three cones, two dishes, a spoon, two creation cards, two bottles of Play-Doh Drizzle and six tubs of Play-Doh.

Kitchen Delightful Desserts Set

The Play-Doh Kitchen Delightful Desserts Set has everything your kids need to turn their creations into ‘cookies’, ‘cakes’, ‘ice creams’ and more; with 40 play pieces including shape cutters, scoopers and ice cream cones – all ready for making summer desserts.

Play-Doh fire truck set

Wheels Firetruck

Press Play-Doh into fun shapes on the Play-Doh Wheels Firetruck that comes with extra-special Play-Doh made with different swirls of blue to look like water! Use it in the water cannon on the fire truck to squeeze pretend water and extinguish Play-Doh fires.

Wheels Tow Truck Toy

And the Play-Doh Wheels Tow Truck Toy is another toy perfect for little kids who love vehicles. Your kids can make a Play-Doh police car and race car with the moulds, then use the tow lift and tow-truck.

Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Playset

Playing dentist has never been more fun than with the Play-Doh Doctor Drill ‘n Fill Playset! This set comes with a drill, tweezers, roller, toothbrush, tooth mould, accessories, instructions, and five tubs of Play-Doh so your child can ‘clean’ teeth, add braces, and check that everything is A-OK with their patient.

Play-Doh cash register

Play-Doh Cash Register

Your child can go on a play shopping spree with the Play-Doh Cash Register! It comes with 11 fun supermarket-themed Play-Doh tools to let them get creative, including a wallet book-mould to create Play-Doh coins and cash that kids can put in and take out of the register, a mould to make a Play-Doh credit card, handheld barcode stamper, basket, shopping bag, built-in receipt maker, and five play food cutters to complete the pretend shopping experience. Fun!

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