Amazing toy unicorn poops Play-Doh ice-cream sundaes and whut?

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You probably remember we told you about a slime pooping unicorn last year (who could forget?!) That toy was so popular even Chrissy Teigen fell under its spell. But that toy is old hat. Yup. There’s a new unicorn on the block Y’all!

Poop yourself a sundae!

Amazingly this year’s pooping unicorn is even more bonkers than last year’s. This year’s actually poops Play-Doh soft serve ice cream which can be transformed into decorated sundaes.

Frankly everyone’s delighted at this plot twist. And how could they not be? I mean, we’d only thought of Play-Doh as a trusty vehicle for imaginative play. We had never really let our thoughts stray to imaginative ice-cream pooping. How silly we were!

Now – thanks to Hasbro’s Tootie the unicorn and it’s colourful ice cream poo – we’re expecting a lot more in the number two department and weirdly liking the idea of ice cream a lot less. Whodathunkit?!

Tootie the unicorn PlayDoh Sundaes

It’s Tootie time!

So how does this toy work? Well … Tootie will helpfully poop Play-Doh ice-cream sundaes from her unicorn butt as she makes the sort of sounds unicorns make when they poop. She also shifts her facial expression as she sundaes up … or out. Um. Ewwwww-kay.

It’s fair to say that Hasbro has thought of everything in their quest to make a toy that’s equal parts hysterical and entertaining, also ensuring that there’s plenty of opportunity for lovers of toilet humour to cut loose.

Tootie is due out in the Australian Spring and will retail for around US $20.

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