Dad-to-be Prince Harry cutely jokes and canoodles with a very pregnant Meghan

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are on an official visit to Morocco and the cheeky dad-to-be is taking every opportunity to bond with his pregnant wife after spending a few days apart.

Glam squad

Meghan popped over to New York City to celebrate her impending first child with some buddies last week. She spent five days away from her hubby and he’s certainly making up for it now that they’ve been reunited.

The pair are reportedly staying in a private residence owned by Morocco’s King and they’ve done a bunch of public engagements over the last few days.

Onlookers have been delighted with Harry’s cute jokes and attentive moves noting that he’s the Duchess’s very own ‘glam squad’ in princely form.

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One particularly adorable video from the Morocco visit shows Harry smoothing Meghan’s ponytail into place and putting a reassuring hand on her back as they examine local arts and crafts.


Some other footage shows the Prince joking about Meg’s pregnancy, much to the amusement of the assembled crowd (and Internet!)

The couple were visiting Education For All, a boarding house that supports girls education where the BBC captured the pair chatting with the school’s teachers.

“I wish to say congratulations for your pregnancy,” one woman said.

Harry smiled, turned to his wife and said, “Wait, you’re pregnant?”

“Surprise!” the Duchess replied as the guests around them giggled.

“Is it mine?” he asked, grinning.

In other footage, Harry’s seen sternly shooing media away after a cameraman bumped a child at an engagement on the head.

He then encourages the child to step forward and participate in a cooking class they’re attending. #Champ

And when the pair encountered two adorable little girls during an engagement, Meghan rushed to greet them with Harry in hot pursuit.

So gosh-darned cute!

We can’t wait to see this couple with their own little one/s and we don’t have to wait much longer. Meghan’s apparently due in April or May … so we’re almost there!


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