“It was a little isolating” Hilary Duff opens up about being a younger mum

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Hilary Duff is mum to seven-year-old named Luca and eight-month-old Banks. Hilary and fiancé Matthew Koma’s daughter was born at home back in October and Hilary’s already chatted a lot about wee Banks.

“I was a little sad”

We know that Banks suffered from colic, was quick to crawl, that the little girl loves getting messy and that she was recently weaned and is happily taking a bottle instead.

Now Hilary’s opened up a little more about how things played out in the early days with her son Luca (who she co-parents with former husband Mike Comrie.)

Speaking to the Motherly podcast, Hilary admitted having a baby at 24 was a shock to the system and a bit lonely, even.

“It was a little isolating in the beginning because I didn’t have any friends that had babies yet,” Hilary told Motherly.

Not only that, Hilary says felt like she had lost a “big chunk of her identity” as she struggled to find her feet during the first year of mum life.

“I knew it was the most important biggest job in the world, but it looks very different once you’re just in the household with the baby by yourself all the time,” the former Lizzy McGuire star noted.

It’s an admission many new mums will relate closely to because it’s really hard to prepare for that jump from a young woman to mother.

Hilary said that in time things began to fall into place and she got into a bit of a routine with Luca. It was then that things began to feel more natural.

“Once you do find yourself again,” Hilary explained, “you have the biggest thing under your belt that nobody can take away from you and you’re so powerful and you’re so confident.”

“When it was happening, maybe I was a little sad about it and I didn’t feel like I had anyone to go through the experience with, but then I came out on the other side.”

“I’m like, ‘I’m a freaking superwoman and I can do anything’ and I have confidence for days,” Hilary said, triumphantly.

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