6 ways to avoid the chocolate overload this Easter

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Easter is such a fun time for little ones but it’s not hard for the chocolate situation to get completely out of control — especially since Easter eggs hit supermarket shelves straight after Christmas. 

So if you’d like to avoid the sugar overload with your little ones this year, maybe give these ideas a whirl instead!

1. Scale back the chocolate in favour of other treats

Chocolate isn’t the only yummy option on the Easter menu. Hot cross buns are also a firm favourite, and if you want to stick with an egg theme you could serve soft boiled eggs for breakfast in cute bunny or chick-themed egg cups. You could even get busy in the kitchen with some fun alternative sweet treats like bunny shaped biscuitsEaster themed cupcakes, or a simple cake decorated with some fun Easter toppings. You can also create bunny faces on open sandwiches, pancakes or pizzas.

Soft, fluffy bunny rabbit plush toy

2. Pick a gift they can’t eat

Who says you have to give chocolate at Easter? There are loads of other cute gift ideas that will offer more lasting enjoyment than a chocolate egg. Some ideas to get you thinking include Easter themed stickers and temporary tattoos, Easter colouring-in pads, Easter themed DVDs and books, a lovely bunny soft toy, or some musical egg shakers. 

3. Save chocolate for the hunt

Are you still finding Easter eggs in your cupboard from last year? It’s time to scale back on those eggs and save them for the Easter egg hunt. This way, the chocolate only comes from the Easter Bunny and the kids have to work for their stash by finding it scattered in the backyard or around the home. Just make sure any egg hunts are done early in the day to avoid any melty egg disasters!

Happy toddler and mother doing crafts with eggs

4. Distract them with arts and craft

Easter is the perfect time to get crafty with the kids. Painting egg shells, making Easter baskets and bonnets, drawing bunnies and homemade Easter cards – the options are endless. If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out these fun Easter craft activities:

Not only do arts and crafts boost their creativity and fine motor skills, but it’s also a great way to distract them from eating their chocolate stash!

5. Ask family and friends to skip the eggs this year

Even if you limit the amount of chocolate eggs you give to your child, your extended family, neighbours, teachers and friends can still go overboard. Now is the time to put the word out. Suggest other gift ideas to the grandparents, or get them to come over and bake Easter-themed cookies with your child, or take them to a local farm to see real life chickens and rabbits instead.

Preschool aged girl cuddling bunny rabbit

You can also gently let your friends know not to bring chocolate eggs this year, unless they want to contribute to the hunt.

6. Give it away

If all else fails, you can snaffle it all up while your kids are sleeping and melt it down to be baked into other tasty Easter-themed treats to take to a friend’s place or your neighbours. You could also donate your unopened stash to charity or women’s shelters and help spread the Easter cheer to those who are less fortunate. This is a great way to teach kids compassion, appreciation and conveniently solves the chocolate overload conundrum — what a cracking idea!


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