Easter craft: Make a cute handprint Easter chick

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Tiny hands are the perfect tool for creating this special craft for Easter. Little ones will delight in the finished product and this is one you will proudly display on your art board or fridge all year round.

What you’ll need

  • ½ piece yellow paper, child’s handprints traced out
  • 3 yellow popsicle sticks
  • 3cm yellow felt circle
  • 11cm yellow felt triangle
  • 2 mini googly eyes
  • 1 sheet orange paper, cut into 2 x 6cm leg shapes plus 1 x 1.5cm isosceles triangle
  • scissors
  • glue

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Using the scissors, cut out the two handprints. Set aside.
  2. Glue along the three edges of the felt triangle and secure the three popsicle sticks to create a frame.
  3. Add a dab of glue to one pointy corner of the triangle and secure the felt circle.
  4. Glue the paper legs to the bottom edge of the felt triangle.
  5. To create the chicken face, turn the triangle upside down, so the long edge is pointing downwards, and glue onto the felt circle to create a nose. Then glue the googly eyes onto the felt circle.
  6. Turn the chicken face-down. Glue along the ‘wrist’ edges of the two handprints and secure to the edges of the triangle body to create wings.

Now you have an Easter chicken ready to fly!

Follow the how-to video:



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