Make an Easter egg painting printable

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There’s nothing little kids love more than getting elbow-deep in a painting project. And here’s a really simple Easter craft that will give them plenty of painting time and you a pretty-as-a-picture Easter artwork you can hang up proudly.

What you’ll need

Step-by-step instructions

  1. Clip each of the pom poms into a peg.
  2. Download and print out the Easter egg printable on paper or white cardboard. 120gsm light card stock will feed easily through your home printer.  
  3. Squirt a little of each of the four paints onto the paper plate.
  4. Using the peg as a handle, dab the first pom pom into the paint.
  5. Press the painted pom pom onto the inside edge of the Easter egg printable to create a painted circle. Continue across the printable to create a line. Reload the pom pom with paint if necessary.
  6. Repeat with each of the four paint colours until you have filled the Easter egg shape.
  7. Allow to dry, then cut out the Easter egg.

Voila! Pretty Easter egg craft is done!

Follow the how-to video


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