The cutest bed heads for kids who are moving from cot to single bed

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If your little one is about to make the move from cot to big kid bed, let us take you through some brilliant options for fancying things up!

The family SNUG tree, more like it!

The brilliant folk from The Family Love Tree are in the business of helping craft stylish homes with a whole range of interiors pieces to have us pondering maxing our credit cards!

Their bed heads, in particular, are the next-level kind of beautiful. Hand-crafted and made with care, they’ll possibly have you itching to make a purchase too.

The bed heads we’ve featured below fit King Single sized beds (and also fit our criteria for ‘total dream bed!’)

Pricing ranges from $369 through to $475 for these retro-yet-timeless pieces and The Family Love Tree have Afterpay available if you’re keen to spread the cost over a couple of months (and who isn’t keen for that?!)

Rainbow bedhead

rainbow bed head

What’s not to love?!

The trickiest thing is choosing which one you love the most (… and not ALSO splashing out on seventeen other things.)

See the full range of The Family Love Tree bed heads for single beds here. And honestly please don’t blame us if a fruity storage basket or a rainbow mirror falls into your shopping cart too!

Sunrise Bedhead

sunrise bed head – which comes in ten different colours (above)

Peacock bed head

peacock bed head (above)

Latitude bed head

latitude bed head (above)

Petal Bedhead

petal bed head – which comes in lots of different colours

Basket bed head 

basket bed head – which also comes in heaps of different colour choices (above)

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