Gasp! Drew Barrymore has just released a line of children’s home products

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Gasp! Oh, that clever clogs Drew Barrymore. Not only did she emerge from a very high-profile childhood with her head still screwed on the right way, but she’s also set about building an empire and creating a legacy for her daughters.

Drew is mum to five-year-old Frankie and six-year-old Olive and now is divorced from the girls’ dad, Will Kopelman. Drew and Will continue to co-parent their girls positively, which is pretty much Drew’s approach to most things now.

She’s carving her own path through life – both professionally with various incarnations of her Flower brand and parenting-wise – and with her latest effort she’s combined the two! Parenting PLUS Flower!

Yup! Drew Barrymore Flower Kids is her brand new home line (for kids … doh!) and it’s being sold through US Walmart stores.

The range is delightfully dotted with bright, whimsical, fun products that both adults and kids will love.

From cute cushions to furniture and wall prints to dinnerware, bed linen, lighting and storage solutions. Drew and her design team have thought of it all!

Note that this range is delightfully heavy on rainbows, animals and science-y things which makes us love it all the more.

We’ve picked out a few of our favourite pieces, but really it was so hard to choose because it’s all super cute, Drew!

Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Drew Barrymore Flower Kids Drew Barrymore Flower Kids


While Walmart doesn’t ship to Australia, you can partner up with Australia Post’s ShopMate service if you’re keen on some of the smaller items. ShopMate assigns you a US shipping address and then sends your package on to you in Australia. That said, you’re probably not gonna want to order a BED, mums and dads! #Heavy #Large 

Drew Barrymore Flower Kids

You can see the full range of Drew Barrymore Flower Kids at Walmart. Prices are super reasonable and the cute factor is off the charts.

Drew Barrymore HomeDrew Barrymore Home

Drew Barrymore Home Drew Barrymore Home Drew Barrymore HomeDrew Barrymore Home


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