Kid-free Barbie vs frazzled-mum Barbie is the BEST, but someone is missing

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I freakin’ LOVE this Barbie as a mum meme! And I freakin’ love the internet for bringing it to my attention.

But I wonder, where is her mum-bun?

No kids, no stress

The picture shows a smiling Barbie before and after having kids.

In the before image, Barbie is all that.

She’s even wearing a strapless frock because clearly, she doesn’t have two milk-machine jugs to support.

Her hair is flowing and freshly washed and her blue eyes are fringed in heavy mascara.

Barbie meme

One kid, no make up

Enter Barbie mum-of-one.

The makeup is gone and she’s sporting some sleep-deprived dark circles. But she’s still pretty fresh-looking, having changed into a sensible floral top that hides her skin-coloured maternity bra.

Her hair is tied back because, well, baby vomit, but it’s been finger-combed and had a wash – last week.

Two kids, give me vodka

Then Barbie has another kid and well, all she wants is a stiff drink and to wee in peace.

The dark circles are now chocolate doughnut rings around her eyes and she no longer gives a sh!t what her hair looks like.

But Barbie, can I let you in on a secret?

Just tie that greasy mane up into a mum-bun and rock on.

NO ONE WILL KNOW (except for every other mum at the park sporting the same ‘do’, that is).

But wait, where is Barbie with three or more kids?

Oh, I know, you are driving your Barbie bus through McCafe drive-thru, tuning out the backseat squabbles, and considering this ‘me time’.

I hope you get a double shot.


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