Drew Barrymore’s firm parenting stance: “That’s not going to happen”

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Drew Barrymore became a star after appearing in the Spielberg smash hit ET, but it seems she has other plans for her daughter four-year-old Frankie and six-year-old Olive.

Once bitten

Speaking to People Magazine at a MoMA event in New York on Monday, she admitted she’s determined her girls won’t follow in her footsteps.

“I’m not going to let them be kid actors,” Drew said emphatically. “That’s so not their journey.”

That said, she’s not ruling out a screen career for her girls a little further down the track.

“If they want to be actors [later] in life, I would be so supportive of it,” she continued. “Can you imagine me being a mom who is pushing her kids out there? That’s not going to happen.”

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Learning by example

Drew’s speaking from experience as her own child-acting career led to some intense challenges that she’s only just emerged from in the last decade or so.

Just 7-years-old when she shot to fame, what followed were childhood struggles with alcohol and drugs, rehab at 14, emancipation from her mother and living independently in her own apartment at 15. 

She turns it all on its head with some determination and hard work, going on to star in a bunch of successful films before forming her own production company called Flower Films  – and later her own beauty company Flower Beauty. She also made two gorgeous kiddos with now ex-husband Will Kopelman.





When the conversation turned to what her wee girls are currently loving, Drew was super keen to share (and surprisingly gender biased!)

“Frankie’s really into Legos right now, which I’m really excited about because I mistakenly thought it was a boy’s toy and it turns out she’s really good at it,” Drew told People. “Her sister’s really good at Magna-Tiles. They’re both very good builders.”

“I don’t think I was ever a builder when I was a kid. I collected cars and kept index cards,” she continued. “I, too, like boys’ things, like cars for boys, so I see the pattern in my girls.”


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