America has invented edible unicorn slime but does it seem like a bad idea?

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Just when we thought we were on the other side of the slime craze and had finally taught kids not to chow down on it, America goes and does this …

The slime you didn’t know you needed?

JELLO is the company responsible for this new toy-meal hybrid and honestly, we’re not sure whether turning something previously inedible into a sort of sugary dessert makes a lot of sense. That didn’t stop them though, so now we have something called JELLO Play Slime Strawberry Unicorn Slime.

Definitely a sometimes food, this slime is racking up the reviews on Amazon. So what are people saying? They are saying it misses the mark.

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“It has a Kool-Aid candy smell. While technically edible, it is not yummy by any stretch (pun!) It tastes like strawberry maybe flavoured cornstarch?” one semi-happy purchaser said. 

“It smells really good but I’m not brave enough to taste it especially since there are so many hands touching it,” someone else wrote. Oh, yummy.

Unicorn Slime

Not unicorn-y enough

One mum pointed out that the unicorn connection was patchy at best.

“When I think of unicorns, I think of rainbows and sparkles. This is all one solid pink colour. It would be unicornier, I think, if it came with a range of candy colours and had some sparkly crystals in it.”

Someone else thought regular slime was way better and if edible simply means non-toxic then we wonder what the point is.

“The slime turns out hard and brittle and does not have the consistency of regular store bought slime,” summed up a lot of the feedback.

 Unicorn Slime



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