Here’s what the Teletubbies Sun Baby looks like now that she’s grown up

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Remember the famous Sun Baby from those ’90s Teletubbies episodes? Well, she’s all grown up and has already ushered in her replacement – a new Sun Baby by the name of Berry.

The Sun Baby returns

UK woman Jess Smith was the OG Sun Baby, a fact she kept under her hat until she started university.

She played the Sun Baby for 365 Teletubbies episodes aired on television between 1997 and 2001, taking on this iconic role when she was only nine months old.

When she was 18 and starting uni, students were asked to share a fact that nobody would ever guess about them. Jess publicly revealed she was the famous Sun Baby for the first time – and likely trumped her fellow students’ fun facts. #WinnerWinnerChickenDinner

“When I was growing up I was always so proud of my involvement in Teletubbies,” Jess told Digital Spy in 2015.

“Having met baby Berry and seeing how adorable she is I can’t think of anyone better to take over the role.”

Sorry not sorry

Anyway, it turns out we’re not the only ones that are a little obsessed with grown-up Sun Baby Jess.

A fellow called Greg James shared a photo of Jess and the new Sun Baby (Berry!) on Twitter, thinking that Berry was actually Jess’s own baby – and promptly declaring himself 800 years old.

Seeing the tweet about the Sun Babies going viral, the official Teletubbies account was quick to clarify that Berry was not Jess’s bub – and that she was actually the Sun Baby 2.0.

That didn’t stop other people on Twitter chiming in and sharing their Teletubbies thoughts and memories.

“Now I’m old for real,” someone creaked.

“We’ve been alive for so long,” another person mused.

“Okay but why does she still look like a baby?” someone else asked about Jess – and honestly they’re not wrong.

“This is the original Sun Baby, Jess Smith, with our new Sun Baby, Berry!” the folk from Teletubbies corrected reassuringly on Twitter. “Seeing Jess all grown up makes us feel old too!” 

“Demonic and nightmare inducing”

But not everyone was a fan of Teletubbies, it would seem. Nor the Sun Baby. #SorryJess #SorryBerry

“Today I learned that the Teletubbies somehow obtain humans to trap in the sun,” one tweeter posted.

“Doesn’t change the fact that putting a baby’s face on the Sun was demonic and nightmare inducing,” a non-fan asserted.

“Why the frick does the Teletubbies have a Twitter?” someone else wanted to know … and they have a point.


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