Snuggle down-down-down-doo-doo-doo-doo! There’s Baby Shark bed linen now

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If you thought that Baby Shark had exhausted their takeover of your toddler’s world, think again!

Snuggle down with Baby Shark

Walmart in the US have just begun stocking a range of Baby Shark bed linen and it might be a genius way to get your little one into bed!

Okay technically Walmart doesn’t officially ship to Australia, but you can get around that by using the Australia Post ShopMate service which gives you a US shipping address and then forwards your package on to you.

So what’s in this sought-after shark-y range you might be asking? Let us take you through it …

Baby Shark Shark Family Sheet Set

This set sells for between US$20 and $30, depending on which size set you buy. Honestly, who wouldn’t want a Baby Shark set in their master bedroom? Now you can make that doo-doo-doo dream come true! Or just keep it in the kids’ room. You could do that too. Snap yours up here

Baby Shark bed linen


Baby Shark Bedding

Baby Shark Cosy Comforter and Matching Pillow Case

This cheerful comforter and pillowcase set retails for US$30 and seems like a brilliant matchy-matchy option for Baby Shark enthusiasts. Grab this set or find out more about it here.


Baby Shark Bedding

Super Cosy Baby Shark Plush Throw

This cosy blanket is almost sold out. It retails for US$15 and could be a great option if you don’t want to go FULL Baby Shark at your house. Find out more about this blankie here.

Baby Shark Plush Throw

There’s also this larger version of the plush blanket, in case that tickles your fishy fancy. It sells for US$23 and fits on a double bed OR a single bed.

Baby Shark blanket

And what else do you need if you’re going the full fin on your child (or your own) bed? That’s right, you need a Baby Shark soft toy! 

These ones sing the Baby Shark song and sell for US$17.

Baby Shark Toy

Happy doo-doo-doo-ing, mums and dads!



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