Condolences because a Baby Shark series is about to turn up on TV

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Our thoughts and prayers are with parents as news breaks that a Baby Shark TV show is being developed by Nickelodeon.

Thoughts and prayers, parents

It’s the show we didn’t ask for, but which will no doubt utterly delight preschool fans of the viral hit (and give Peppa Pig a break from the trolling parents she’s endured for the last five years.)

Nickelodeon says the incredible success of the original YouTube clip has sparked their investment in this new venture.

Baby Shark has captured the imagination of millions of fans around the world, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the top 10 most-viewed videos on YouTube ever,” said Nickelodeon Animation’s Ramsey Naito, media site Deadline reports.

“At the heart of any popular piece of content is a terrific character, and we have a great opportunity to further explore the world of Baby Shark and follow this family through some great animated adventures on Nickelodeon.”

Why tho?

The record-setting viral hit Baby Shark has racked up 2.8 billion views on YouTube. Nobody knows why but Nickelodeon are ready to cash in.

They are partnering with the video’s makers Pinkfong to bring a more long-form version of Baby Shark into our lounge rooms. Again and again and again.

If you have wondered what goes on in the life of Mummy Shark, Daddy Shark, Baby Shark and for all we know Second-Cousin Shark, you’re about to find out.


The response to this news on Twitter was … not great. People didn’t really GET why the shark had to jump from YouTube to telly and thought Nickelodeon could do MUCH better (and leave well enough alone.)

“You know I was actually having a pretty good day before reading that,” one nay-sayer posted.

“Nickelodeon is on weed,” someone else asserted.

“This is why aliens refuse to interact with us,” a non-shark-fan commented.

“NOOOOO GOD! NO GOD PLEASE NO! NO! NO! NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” another very emotional person wrote.

Look, who can blame them? Parents thought they’d got this song out of their family’s system and the earworm was finally exorcised. And then ….


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