Baby Shark Fingerlings are coming to “Doo Doo Doo” at you all day long

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Look out mums and dads … and in fact anyone who has found themselves tormented by the Doo Doo Doo’s swirling around in their head. 

Baby Shark 2.0?

There’s a new Baby Shark toy on the way and it combines last year’s favourite plaything – Fingerlings – with this decade’s most heard earworm. Aren’t you so glad?!

The Baby Shark Fingerlings are apparently due out in October and they’re going to renew your child’s enthusiasm for not just Baby Shark, but probably Mummy Shark and Daddy Shark too!

Not only do these Fingerlings look just like a teeny tiny version of the actual Baby Shark, but they also have a light-up fin, a tail that flaps, blinking eyes and when you kiss them, they give you a big ‘mwah!’ back. AND best of all … they sing the Baby Shark song! Gasp. Over and over and over again.

Baby Shark fingerling toy

Fingerling-ing good

So if your little one is a big fan of this pop culture phenomenon – or if you’re quite keen to annoy someone else who has children, this toy will be tip-top of your shopping list.

They retail for a tick under AUD $20 and will be on sale via reputable toy retailers.

We’re guessing these will sell out quickly as shark fans and resellers swoop in to snap them up. Mark October in your diary if you fancy scoring one for your child.

Top image by Toy Daycare on YouTube

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