Uncovered! The painful world of parents who hate Peppa Pig

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It’s fair to say that Peppa Pig is a polarising character, with a recent post on popular forum Reddit confirming many parents are having dark thoughts about the cheery, cheeky pig.

Seemed like a good idea

And, in some ways, who can blame them? They introduced their children to Peppa in the hope of getting five minutes peace. Nekminnit, she’s playing on repeat, their days and nights filled with upsetting echoes of oinking and Peppa whines.

“Any other parents sick to death of Peppa pig?” Reddit user Mallark posted on the forum recently. “I need to share my pain, I want to DIG UP THE ROAD!! and toss them all in the hole and cement it over. Also Daddy Pig is a smug prick.”

Bacon, sausages, spite

It turns out that this parent was not alone in their anti-Peppa sentiment. Many, many other parents were tiring of Peppa’s antics too. They leapt at the chance to vent and we have to say their angst is a little unsettling.

“Peppa Pig has no chill,” one commenter offered.

“I used to teach primary. A lot of parents seem to want Peppa turned into sausages,” someone else revealed.

“I’ve been tortured by it for 5 years now,” one parent sobbed.

“I’m a vegetarian, but if someone made Peppa Pig into a bacon sarnie I would eat it out of sheer spite,” another seethed.

(There were other comments too, but they were so homicidal, mean and sweary we decided to leave them out.)

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Racist, too?!

On a roll, someone then flagged what they suggested was a racist episode of Peppa Pig, where Delphine Donkey’s dad phones Peppa’s house, and Daddy Pig says he’s speaking nonsense (he’s simply speaking FRENCH!)

Delphine’s dad fires back, snarkily alleging that England does not have “cheese, bread, tomatoes or water” – all things he’s packed in visiting Delphine’s bag.


A tiny few commenters did chime in to speak up on Peppa’s behalf, on account of the aforementioned five minutes peace …

“If you are tired of Peppa Pig, you are tired of life,” someone asserted. “Also Peppa Pig is the only time my little un is quiet, so I thank Peppa for that.”

Another man said Peppa was his homegirl for other surprising reasons …

“As a 25 year old, childless man I’ve been watching a lot of Peppa Pig recently for one specific reason: It’s been translated into Mandarin and is a really good learning tool.”

George WHO?

Someone took the opportunity to roll out a Peppa conspiracy theory, and we think you might need to pop your tin foil hats on to read it because they do have a point.

“Does anybody else wonder why George is just referred to as “George?” My theory is he’s adopted, the rest of them go by “Pig” as a pseudo-surname, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Peppa Pig. Not George …”

Another user was immediately alert and alarmed: “Holy shit. And everyone else has names like, Pedro Pony, Suzy Sheep, first and last names that have the same starting letters … Yet he’s just … George.”

Just George INDEED. Stay tuned for updates on the truth about George. #PeppaWatchYourBack


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