It’s shower time! Your kids will go wild for these funky animal shower heads

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Looking for ways to make the shower a bit more fun for the kids? Look no further than Zooheads! A super-colourful new range of animal shower heads. Just pop one on, hit the tap and watch things get a little wet and wild! 

A roaring shower

If your little one is making the transition from a bath to a shower, or you don’t have the luxury of having a tub in the bathroom, then Zooheads could be just what you need.

A collection of fun plastic shower heads, each in the shape of a wild animal head, Zooheads are made from durable eco materials using 3D printing and are designed to fit all standard types of showers. Simply remove your old shower head and easily twist on the Zoohead for a fun-filled showering experience.

zooheads shower heads

Bring the zoo to you

The cool showerhead designs include a terrifying T-Rex and gnarly dragon (or their skulls), a fierce lion and a scary shark, plus there’s also an alligator, eagle, monkey, elephant and dolphin.

Each animal head is available in 20 different vibrant colours with options for standard black and greys too, so there’s a Zoohead to suit every tot AND your decor.  

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Shower me up!

Made in the US, Zooheads animal shower heads are available online at for US$25 plus delivery and yes, they ship to Australia – yew! Even better, 10 percent of every sale also goes to support the the World Wildlife Foundation, how good is that?

Buy one or several, one thing’s for sure – shower time with your little monkeys is guaranteed to get a little wilder!


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