6 things to consider when sharing that very first baby photo

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Your baby has finally arrived, and you can’t wait to share your news with the world – and more importantly that very first photo. People always love to see newborn pics, but you only get one chance at this! Once it’s out there on social media, embraced by family and friends, it’s a little late for photo regrets.

So, before you get snap happy with your newborn and start madly sharing on Instagram and Facebook, take a moment to consider how you want your brand new baby to be portrayed. After all, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for, you want to get it right, for everyone’s sake.

1. Remember to cover up

Often that first photo is right after the birth, possibly with your baby lying on your chest, maybe even breastfeeding. By this stage, you may no longer care (or even know) what part of you is covered up and what isn’t. However, your in-laws and most of your Instagram followers might see something that you may not feel comfortable with once the euphoric high and blessed relief of birth has worn off. One friend of mine got stuck with a baby shot snapped a little too far down for her liking and didn’t realise until it was too late. So, take a moment to ensure you’re not showing anything you might regret later.

2. Get your baby photo ready

You also want to make sure your baby is ready for her first photo. While childbirth is truly amazing, it’s also  messy. Your family and friends may not have the stomach for a photo of your newborn covered in blood or still attached to the umbilical cord. Your friends who have yet to experience the miracle of childbirth will appreciate it, as will your friends who have no intention of becoming parents and don’t need a ‘behind-the-scenes’ birth shot. 

While this photo is undoubtedly moving, it might be a little too graphic for friends who aren’t parents.

3. Keep it real

Cleaning your baby up is one thing but totally art directing her first photo might mean some of the authenticity of the moment is lost. People like to see something real and heartfelt, even if it means including the standard hospital baby blanket or a photo of mum, make-up free and looking utterly exhausted. Your family and friends just want to see your newborn bundle and not a photo-shopped version of the event.

4. Check your numbers

If you’re texting your photo to your friends, make sure you have the correct phone numbers, especially if you’re sending to a list of many. I made the mistake of sending a group text and one of the numbers was incorrect and the text was not sent. Unfortunately, one of my best friends did not receive the news but found out through someone else – and I was devastated! Perhaps have a list ready to go because trying to sort it out in the afterglow of childbirth is simply too much to think about.

5. Do a quick edit

If you’re writing a quick caption or sharing the birth details – size, weight and of course name – then make sure all the information is correct. You’ve just been through an incredible experience and may not be totally focused on spelling and grammar, so just double-check everything you send out. And don’t leave it in the hands of your phone’s autocorrect, which might leave family and friends confused from the get-go – and result in even more posting and messaging to clear things up.

6. Be the first to post

Don’t let others pip you at the post. You may have family members who have been desperately waiting outside the delivery room, only to meet your baby and start eagerly spreading the word. Make it clear beforehand that you are to be the first to post your baby’s picture and only then can they share or send their own photos. You don’t want people commenting on photos posted on your mother-in-law’s Instagram account. This is your moment, you want to enjoy every minute of it.

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