Mum puts an end to her husband’s conveniently-timed toilet breaks

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Oh my goodness.

This mum has just addressed one of the most annoying aspects of parenting with your partner:

Why do dads feel entitled to poo in peace but mums have to hold it in?


“No poo for you”

The mum, Mrs. Mombastic, posted this little rant to Facebook. It’s so on point that now we are all nodding and laughing.

It’s 8:30 am in the Mombastic household, and something has happened that needs documenting. At approximately 8:23, my…

Posted by Mrs. Mombastic on Saturday, July 20, 2019

Just after half making breakfast she tells us that her husband abandons ship, using the ol’ bathroom calls excuse:

“He put the bread in the toaster, the eggs on the hob,” she says, telling us that it’s right at this moment that Mr Mombastic announces he needs to do a poo (which really, wasn’t something any of us felt the need to declare pre-kids, but I digress.).

“It’s his way of saying, ‘I’m done here. You finish it,'” she reveals.


Now ordinarily, Mrs. Mombastic would take over the job, finish cooking, serve it up and even clean, because why does it take them so long to do their business? But not this time.


Today she put her foot down.

Don’t use the bathroom as an excuse

Telling her husband that no, he can not just go to the toilet and leave her to DO EVERYTHING, she addresses the bowel-movement inequality that secretly exists between parents.

“Since becoming a mother, I have never once used this excuse. Stopping midway through getting the children ready and using my ablutions as an excuse … And believe me, my bowels have not been STRENGTHENED by childbirth. Oh no. Quite the opposite.” she says.

“Yet somehow, I am able to wait until such a time that is convenient to empty them.”

And that’s just it. Mums can’t just go whenever nature calls, or even shut the bathroom door completely. We usually have to HOLD IT IN!

So, with this in mind, Mrs. Mombastic said the one word to her husband that her kids hate hearing:


But then something miraculous and totally unexpected happened.

“By some divine power, he actually managed to complete cooking breakfast, empty the dishwasher AND have a further conversation with me about the state of the roads in this country WITHOUT shitting his pants. Incredible, isn’t it?” she reveals.

So the next time this happens to you, remember this story.

As Mrs. Mombastic says, “Turns out it IS possible for dads to wait until the task in hand is completed before using the toilet after all.”

Mind blown.


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