Emma Wiggle surprises fans with some non-Wiggly career news

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Emma Watkins aka Emma Wiggle has just revealed some exciting news.

A Wiggly career pivot

Emma’s set to join the Smoothfm radio team, popping up in a weekend slot possibly aimed at some tried-and-true followers – little Wiggles fans’ mums and dads.

“I’m a smoothfm fan, so when the request came out of the blue to join the station, I was so excited to be part of the Smoothfm team,” Emma explained, Radio Today reports.

“I can’t wait to share some of my all-time favourite songs with my fellow Aussies,” she says. 

Smooth says they’re stoked to have Emma on board, and it’s not hard to see why.

“Emma is just a delight to listen to and work with,” Smoothfm’s head of programming Peter Clay confirms.

“She has a vibrant energy and love of music, which our listeners will love hearing on the weekends.”

Emma will be heard on Saturday and Sundays from 12pm to 2pm and she’s starting this very weekend! 

Em joins the likes of Melissa Doyle, Richard Wilkins, David Campbell and Cameron Daddo on the station, which is geared to easy listening and classic tunes and tries not to bombard listeners with lots of mindless chatter.

Busy bee

It’s clearly been flat chat of late for Emma, who celebrated her birthday this week during a Wiggles tour of Canada.

Emma’s also busy working on a PHD in ‘Creative integration of dance, sign language, light, space and film editing’ at NSW’s Macquarie University.

And she’s also – of course – working on projects with The Wiggles including a brand new album, the children’s entrainment group that made her a firm favourite of families across the globe.

Hopefully, all these busy-ness signals that she’s well and truly on the mend, recovering from the chronic endometriosis that saw her sidelined for a little while, and unwell for a long time.

We can’t help but think that little listeners are going to love hearing Emma on the grown-up radio – and also how nice to be able to sing along together to something other than Big Red Car!

Lead image via Smoothfm.


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