Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins reveals she’s still recovering from health crisis

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Emma Watkins aka The Yellow Wiggle has shared some more details about her health, explaining that she’s still healing although she’s feeling much better.

Emma’s health battle

Emma underwent surgery to treat her stage 4 endometriosis last year, taking time away from The Wiggles and becoming an ambassador for Endometriosis Australia in the process.

Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of a woman’s uterus grows in other parts of her body. It can cause pain, bleeding and even infertility.

There are a variety of ways to treat endometriosis – like the surgery Emma had – but for many women, it’s often years of pain before they are correctly diagnosed. Their symptoms are often written off as period or hormonal-related pain. On average it takes seven years for a woman with endo to be correctly diagnosed and begin treatment. Hence Emma’s keen to raise awareness of the condition, in the hopes that she can save other women years of health woes.

Thankfully Emma’s endometriosis was picked up and treated promptly. It’s now 12 months down the track after her surgery and the popular Wiggle is on the mend – and updating fans on her health.

“It’s been just over a year since I had surgery for #endometriosis and in the last couple of months I have felt better,” she wrote on Instagram, explaining that she’d had her fitness checked and that she was still below par.

Emma just underwent a series of tests to see where her health was at and how she was recovering from surgery. She describes the results as “interesting”.

“I discovered that my oxygen saturation was quite low as my body uses it to repair the area that was operated on,” Emma wrote.

“Really grateful for the opportunity to learn about my body and find ways to help it recover.”

“An inspiration”

Emma’s fans sent her their best wishes for what’s been a gruelling recovery – especially when you consider the physical nature of her work. They were also grateful that she was openly talking about women’s health.

“Best wishes to you, Emma,” one wrote. “It means a lot to see someone like you vocalize a disorder like endometriosis. It is much appreciated. Keep wiggling, you look bowtiful!”

“I applaud you using your social platform for spreading so much joy and awareness. Keep shining bright sweet soul,” another fan posted.

“Hope you have a speedy recovery,” someone else posted. “You are an inspiration to women and an even bigger role model to little girls around the world.” #Truth

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