How to Dad auditions for The Wiggles and we’re all cheering

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How to Dad believes The Wiggles need a new member so he threw his hat in the ring – and sent the iconic group his audition tape.

The hilarious Kiwi YouTuber makes funny videos about being a dad and about New Zealand that go viral, but this week he struck parenting gold. Deciding The Wiggles were short a member, in particular, one in the colour green. After sharing his audition tape, it’s clear he’s the man for the job.

Capturing attention

How to Dad, whose real name is Jordan Watson, always seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to parenting humour, and his Wiggle audition tape is no exception. With nearly 400,000 views, his followers loved what they saw. And apparently, so did The Wiggles.

Drawing on popular The Wiggles songs, Jordan added his own personal touch and dance moves, such as doing ‘The Propellor’, while knocking over his daughter. He adapts lyrics such asWake Up Jeff! You forgot to get your kids from school”, and the Big Red Car becomes a medium-sized blue car that doesn’t start. Meanwhile, the song Wheels on Bus gets held up by “heavy traffic and ongoing infrastructure issues”. He also informs the group that despite being called The Wiggles, they don’t in fact do much wiggling, but then puts his back out showing them how it should be done.

So, what did they say?

You can’t help but enjoy the clip, which reveals Jordan’s appealing and deadpan sense of humour. And The Wiggles responded very positively.

“Thank you for your submission,” the group responded on Facebook. “Your singing and dancing receive top marks, but we might need to have a talk about your pronunciation of ‘dance’ and work on a more peaceful way of performing ‘Do The Propeller’. Expect our call the next time we’re in NZ!”

An awesome outcome

Jordan was thrilled to receive The Wiggles’ response and feedback. “What legends,” he commented. “Holy crap. The Wiggles people saw my audition video – yeah, apparently I need to scrub up on a few things but this could be my big break! Endless fruit salad, big fancy red cars, hot potatoes on demand… Life is almost complete! Hollywood / Somewhere in Australia.. HERE I COME!”

Just goes to show, you’ve got to be in it to win it. Jordan might get the chance to wiggle for real – or least have the satisfaction of meeting one of Australia’s national treasures.

What legends. Holy crap. The Wiggles people saw my audition video – yeah, apparently I need to scrub up on a few things…

Posted by How to DAD on Wednesday, 3 July 2019



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