This preschool photo of Emma Wiggle is the purest thing you’ll see today

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Happy Friday! As the Australian news is dominated by politicians wrestling for the country’s leadership, we thought it was high time we changed things up and focused on someone accomplished, positive and pure.

Emma Wiggle for PM!

The spotlight then fell easily on Emma Wiggle because not only is she focused, committed and talented – she knows how to do a brilliant Irish jig.

In fact, we really can’t see any reason why Emma Wiggle (sometimes called Emma Watkins) should lead the country, especially since she posted this sweet photo of her weeny self, doing what comes naturally.

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Trying to master all styles of dance from the get go……

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“Trying to master all styles of dance from the get go …” Emma captioned the shot of herself possibly whipping some Hawaiian-inspired moves.

In the shot, Emma’s hair is a little lighter, but she’s sporting her trademark curls and cute-faced grin. Appropriately positioned beside a tropical hibiscus, she’s also wearing a very fetching paper streamer skirt.

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Leading by example

The shot was the bolstering gift we didn’t know we needed, and Emma’s Facebook followers agreed. They thanked her for inspiring their own children’s creativity and noted her hair accessories have always been on point.

“My 2 yr old daughter, Phoebe, loves ballet from 8 months old because of you!” one grateful mum commented.

“My almost 2 year old is dance crazy… and she is so excited to see you dance and perform this Sunday!” an excited fan posted.

“Clearly always a bow connoisseur,” one follower declared.

“You would also be a cute pink Wiggle!” another suggested.

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? m u m ?

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Recovering and reminiscing

Emma’s been spending lots of time with her beautiful mum, as she recovers from her very sad break-up from husband Lachy AND her endometriosis surgery, and we think she might have been going through the family photo albums over a cup of tea or two. It’s a relatable and sensible way to find a new normal and feel better – and she’s kindly shared a bunch of throwback snaps on Instagram.

Emma posted this cute photo of her baby ballerina self:

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#tb ☁️

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And this precious dreamy fairy capture:

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And this one with her look-alike sister:

And who wouldn’t love THIS incredible strawberry-detailed ensemble?! 

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Strawberry #style ?

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Thanks for sharing your adorable Little Emma photos with fans, EW!


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