A snake just chased two baby girls through the bush and we’ll never sleep again

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When Victorian mum Stacee Carter took her kids for a leisurely walk and a bit of cute photo-taking, she was unaware that danger was lurking.

“This snake ended up between both the girls’ feet”

These sweet bush babies almost got more than they bargained for while frolicking near a local billabong in Mildura.

As Stacee, her partner Jack and their 16-month-old daughters Ava and Isla wandered along in the sunshine, a snake was wriggling along behind the wee girls looking a LOT like it was in hot pursuit.

“Luckily Jack was there (the calm one) and notified me,” she later posted on Facebook. “I just screamed and wanted to cry because this snake ended up between both the girls’ feet.”

“[Jack] was prepared to get bitten for his kids. It happened quite fast, but he scooped up both girls placed them with me and stomped behind the snake and it slid away,” she told Nine News. 

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Spot the snake

Relieved – but obviously rattled – Stacee was swiping through the shots she took later when she realised she’d actually captured the snake in one of her photos. She popped it up on Facebook as a warning to others


“JUST A WARNING.” Stacee wrote. “Be careful down the billabong in Mildura OR anywhere in general in the bush on this beautiful day!!! we were just having lunch and going on a nice adventure – I was just in my own world playing and taking photos.”

“Went through my photos and found this. (Look bottom left corner.) Makes me sick to my stomach, we are so thankful and blessed our babies are safe and home with us. We had a guardian angel or 2 looking after them today. Share please! #f*cknature #safeathome #holdyourbabiesalittletightertoday

“Very lucky”

Stacee told a Facebook follower that her girls had “no fear” and were unaware of the close call they’d just had. 

“They were very oblivious and just kept on being their little adventurous selves, thank god,” she posted.

“They don’t go anywhere without a fight for these bloody gumboots! Very lucky they had them on today that’s for sure!”

The couple thinks the snake was a dangerous Brown Snake, but say it won’t deter them from future outings.

“Obviously, you think about what could have happened and your mind plays a few scenarios,” Stacee told Nine News.”We just have to be more careful next time, hot or not.”


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