A very unlucky NSW two-year-old got his testicle stuck in the drain

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Oh my goodness. This is a cautionary tale for parents highlight a bath time hazard we might not have ever imagined – a testicle trapped in a plughole.

Horribly wrong

Granted, we’ve probably heard the warnings about being sucked down the plughole if we don’t exit the bath in a timely manner, but this real-life mishap takes it to a whole other (painful) level.

“Paramedics were called to Pepper Close at Toukley at 5.10pm on Tuesday,” The Daily Telegraph reports, “after the evening bath routine of twin boys nearly went horribly wrong.”

It seems the little guy and his brother were enjoying their evening bath, when the plug was pulled and things very quickly became very, very fraught. The little boy’s testicle was caught and trapped in the drain by the strong water suction, but thankfully it didn’t end as badly as you’d imagine.

The child’s aunty told media that the situation eventually sorted itself out – as he cooled down (and calmed down) he was able to free himself from the drain.

“The boy’s aunt confirmed he was taken to Wyong Hospital but just as a precaution to make sure everything was okay,” The Daily Telegraph says

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The drain blame game

Commenters on Facebook were both alert and alarmed – and also sympathetic to the little boy’s plight.

“That’s why you don’t let ya (sic) child sit near the plug when the waters draining, poor little boy though,” one very plug-aware reader posted.

“People didn’t realize that the drain does this? Keep your child and yourself away from the plug hole,” agreed another drain shamer.

While obviously horrible for the boy and the family in question, we can learn a lot from these events. Firstly – drains are a force to be reckoned with and little bits and bobs should be kept well away. Secondly – even after the most harrowing accident, people will be there to let you know they know better. 

This sort of upsetting accident can happen so easily, and we hope the family in question (and their little guy) are recovering well and not judging themselves too harshly.

Beware the very sucky drain, parents and carers!


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