Mum’s warning about VERY GROSS hidden mould in kids’ lunch boxes

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A mum’s warning about the mould lurking in the lining of her children’s lunch boxes will have you checking your kiddo’s snack containers in about three seconds flat.

Grace’s warning to choose carefully

Mortified mum Grace Bollen has shared images of her kids’ black, damp, mouldy lunch boxes on Facebook, in the hopes that it might alert other parents to what might lie within their own.

“Don’t buy any lunchboxes that you can’t clean all parts,” Grace advised other parents, explaining that she hand washes the lunch boxes each evening, and air drys them with the lunch box sitting open.

Grace says the type of lunchbox she’s had this issue with is from “Stuck On You and Lunch Box Inc“.

Posted by Grace Bollen on Friday, 17 August 2018

Sneaky mould

The mould was tucked away, concealed in the inner lining of the lunchbox – and Grace is thanking her lucky stars her kids didn’t get sick from eating out of the containers.

“I hate knowing they were eating out of a lunch box like this,” she told her Facebook followers, noting that she’s been in touch with both companies. 

She said she’s nutting out a resolution and “working to rectify the problem with the manufactures and make them watertight”.

“The blue lunchbox has been in use for nine months, while the yellow one was a little older at 12 months,” Yahoo reports.

Posted by Grace Bollen on Friday, 17 August 2018

A bad batch?

The maker of one of the lunch boxes is just as upset as Grace about this fault.

“It’s terrible that this has happened – it’s complete news to us, we had no idea this was happening before this lady contacted us,” Lunch Box Inc’s director said in a statement published on the Daily Mail.

“We’ve made attempts to speak with the manufacturers because this is awful and we want to find a solution as quickly as possible. We need to determine if this is just a bad batch or whether it’s a recurring fault in the production process.”

(No word yet from Stuck On You about this issue, at the time of writing this article.)

If the containers your child uses for lunch and snacks have compartments and/or inner linings like this, note that they could be the perfect environment for mould to grow – and double check them for safety, stat.

Thanks to Grace for alerting families to a potential problem.


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