Could Peppa Pig’s star sign explain why some parents find her a bit irritating?

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Have you ever wondered what drives Peppa Pig? Perhaps you’ve been too busy thinking SHE drives YOU mad? You’re not alone.

A lot on her plate

We’ve delved a little deeper into the astrological leanings of the world-famous piggy and the findings will surprise nobody. Let us explain.

Apparently, Peppa Pig was born on May 30, – or so says the Peppa Pig Fanon Wiki – which makes her a Gemini.

Queen of the stars and owner of one of the most-read astrology websites on the internet Susan Miller has plenty of thoughts on Peppa’s sign.

She says inquiring Geminis like to have a lot on their plate. #snort

“The Gemini woman is full of enthusiasm,” Susan says, and “is curious about everything.”

This definitely rings true doesn’t it?

Peppa is very lively … and she does like to play and explore. Tick, tick!

“Swamped with things to do”

But there’s more.

Gemini women (and pig girls) are keen to have their fingers (or trotters) in a multitude of pies. #snort

“She is actually at her best when swamped with things to do!” Susan says.

SWAMPED! It’s like Susan’s left a little astrological Easter egg there Peppa fans right?! Oh SUSAN!

Geminis are very skilled at sharing their emotions and thoughts, Susan continues. Parents of Peppa-loving kids will know that’s 1,000 percent truth.

Girl, bye!

Remember that time she was trying to pigsplain whistling to Susie over the phone? And Susie could whistle and Peppa couldn’t? And Peppa hung up the phone immediately? Emotions and thoughts shared! Tick! Tick! 


“Gemini adores a lively debate,” Susan goes on to say and we’re fairly sure that Peppa’s brother George would agree with this.

Also? Don’t try to discipline the free-spirited Gemini, Susan warns.

“To set limits on a Gemini is like trapping a lovely bird in a small cage.” #snort

The signs most compatible with Gemini are said to be Aries, Leo, Libra and Aquarius.

And those that are least compatible? Virgo and Pisces.

So if you’re a Pisces or Virgo parent, it’s really not your fault if you don’t enjoy Peppa. It’s all in the stars, mums and dads!


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