Be muddy puddle ready with this Hunter Boots X Peppa Pig collaboration

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The cutest range of wintery things on the block has just popped up and they’re a gorgeous collaboration between Hunter Boots and Peppa Pig.

Rainy days with Peppa

The newly-released and very limited edition camo-themed range features gumboots, backpacks and umbrellas in a variety of different styles, colours and prints.

The boots, for instance, come in two styles – one regular gumboot shape and one with a pull-on ‘grab handle’ to make whacking them on a breezes for littlies.

Hunter Boots X Peppa Pig

So how much will these delightful Hunter Boots X Peppa Pig goodies set you back? Well, they’re not cheap but they are crafted with the premium production values the Hunter brand is renowned for. Pricing – in Australian dollars – is as follows. You need to factor in the (quite pricey) shipping on top of this:

  • Grab handle boot: These helpful, wipe clean, cotton-lined boots are made to suit kids aged 18 months to 8 years. They’re $78 a pair.
  • Regular boot: These cosy boots have reflective patches on them for extra visibility and feature the Hunter Boots safety tread. They’re $99 a pair.
  • Umbrella: Not only is the umbrella very cute, it’s reinforced to cope with stormy weather. It costs $56.
  • Backpack: The backpack features padded straps for comfort and is made from water resistant nylon. It’s $85.

Ready for muddy puddles!

This range is literally selling out before our eyes, with several of the backpacks already all gone. There was just the yellow camo Peppa/Hunter design in the backpack left as we wrote this.

The pink umbrella has sold out too.

Hunter Boots X Peppa Pig

Needless to say we’re predicting that the entire range will disappear in the next day or two (perhaps popping up on eBay at triple the price? Sigh.)

Scroll through to see some more of our favourite pieces – and get in quick if you fancy the little one in your life sporting some Hunter X Peppa goodness. And honestly who wouldn’t?! Oink!

See the full range of Hunter Originals X Peppa Pig here.

Hunter Boots X Peppa PigPeppa X Hunter boots Hunter Boots X Peppa Pig


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