#HELP My preschooler won’t stop picking her nose. What can I do to stop her?

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Our Facebook community stepped in to help out a frustrated mum who’s not having much luck getting her daughter to change her ways.

This mum revealed that some aspects of polite society have passed her three year old by, and wondered what she can do to discourage one particular habit she finds a bit upsetting.

#HELP! My almost 3 year old girl has a terrible habit of picking her nose… and before you ask… yes, yes she has been caught eating it! We have tried everything, from gentle redirection, to explaining why it’s not nice, to being stern… but nothing is working! It’s a seriously gross habit – please tell me there’s something we can do, or that she’ll grow out of it??? Signed: Perplexed and grossed-out mama.

Here’s what our helpful Babyology readers had to say: 

It’s healthy?!

Many readers pointed out that new research tells us there might be more benefits to this habit than you’d think:

It’s good for their gut bacteria. – Damon Pilcer

She’ll eventually learn to do it in private! On the upside they say kids who eat their snot are healthier. – Wendy Monaghan

There are studies coming out that say people that eat their boogies have healthy teeth eg less decay. – Kris Lorkin

nose picking child

Something missing?

Some parents suggested that nose-picking might be a sign that there are other issues at play:

My brother did this soooo much my mum took him to the doctors. Apparently he was lacking in salt and his body was craving it. – Jessy Gee

She could have some sensory needs and this is all she can think of to do to satisfy them at the moment?  – Kirsty Kellaway

I was shocking nose picker as a kid ?. But it was actually due to anxiety – my coping mechanism. Something to consider. – Emma Perichon


Some parents thought that consequences might help to break this habit.

Start making her wash her hands every time you catch her doing it. My 2.5yr old has the same bad habit. I asked this same question last week in a mom group. This advice was given to me by a former educator of little kids. So far, it has worked incredibly well. – Jenni Kosinski Staats

If it bothers you that much, get the nail polish that is for stopping nail biting. It tastes awful. – Beth Martin

You can read all the helpful advice given on the original Facebook post here:

#HELP! My almost 3 year old girl has a terrible habit of picking her nose… and before you ask… yes, yes she has been…

Posted by Babyology on Thursday, 12 July 2018

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