#HELP How can I move my sleeping baby into their cot without waking them?

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How on earth do you move a sleeping baby from their parent’s arms to their waiting cot? One mum is pulling her hair out and asked our Babyology community of parents for their sage advice.

#HELP Does anyone have any tricks for transferring your sleeping baby into their cot without waking them? I haven’t managed it once yet, and my bub is seven months old. She often falls asleep at the breast, and when I place her in bed she always wakes the moment my arms are gone, then wails the house down. Her regular sleep times are better – she lets me put her down awake and goes off to sleep without too much fuss (usually!) But if she’s fallen asleep in my arms and then wakes in the cot, she’ll cry for a lot longer and the whole nap is ruined. I know this is a fairly common problem, but has anyone nailed a solution? 

Pretty much every parent who ever lived has struggled with this dilemma at one point. So what did our community of parents have to say about this mum’s dilemma? They had plenty of brilliant advice.

It’s all in the timing

Some pointed out that waiting for that all important deep sleep phase is key to a successful transfer.

I was given the advice that if bubs fell asleep in my arms or on the boob, wait 10 mins and then try to put him to bed.  This way he would be in a deeper sleep and should stay a sleep. It worked and has worked 99% of the time, still does and he’s almost three. – Kelly Baldock

An old trick when a baby falls asleep in your arms is to get them to hold/grip your finger as they are dozing. If their grip loosens and you can easily remove your finger, they should be in a deep enough sleep to move. In my experience this never fails as long as you are patient and wait until their hand is totally relaxed. – Karen Williams

Create a cosy environment

Many parents noted that a cosy cot helps make the transfer from cosy mum or dad a lot easier.

Try putting a heat pack in the cot before transferring her. She is all warm and cosy in your arms and you pop her into a cold bed. Having said that, none of mine ever transferred well. It was always a bit hit and miss. – Chelone Boshier 

Possibly try a hot water bottle in baby’s bed, put her to sleep, then move hot water bottle out before putting her down. Could be a change of warmth that is waking her. – Brianna Henderson

Ninja moves

Some experienced parents suggested it was all about the technique used for moving baby from a parent’s snuggly arms to their waiting cot.

My bubs always falls asleep at the boob and I transition successful most of the time. I put my hand at the back of his neck then slowly move up and down while shooshing, and finally, as I am placing him down, I slowly take my hand out. I have my hand on his chest and pat him for a little while, and he is all good. – Kayla Kovalenko 

SLOWWWW like a ninja! Then stay touching/leaning over the cot until she’s totally calm and then go, go, go! – Tanya Piccolotto

Perhaps the three-pronged approach of timing, cosy cot and ninja moves is the key to success? Our readers would suggest so!

You can read all the helpful advice given, on the original Facebook post here:

#HELP! Does anyone have any tricks for transferring your sleeping baby into their cot without waking them? I haven't…

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