#HELP Is it okay to take a sick child to a birthday party?

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Have you ever been in that sticky situation where someone turns up at your child’s party with an unwell child in tow?

A mum who contacted our Facebook community has. She says this child was too sick to enjoy the party and managed to spread her germs around to other guests.

She wondered what she should have done under these circumstances, turning to our community of helpful parents for advice.

#HELP! Our 5-year-old had a birthday party last weekend. It was great and everything but my friend brought her very, very snotty and coughing child to the party! I don’t want to sound mean, but the little girl was so sick, she could barely have any fun. She was also so contagious that our one-year-old is now sick as anything and I’m not feeling great either! Now I am wondering if I should have asked her to leave? What would you have done? #snotty

Here’s what our Babyology readers had to say:  

Call it out!

I will call out a sick child every single time. A year ago we attended a birthday where one particular kid was clearly sick. He was crying, irritable and just didn’t want to be there. Overheard the mum saying that he had a fever and diarrhoea. I was fuming but chose not to leave the party (absolutely kicking myself) . Every single kid including infants and a whole pile of adults (some pregnant) ended up being extremely ill. – Shanna Latta

I would have said something. My son has asthma and croup and gets severe tonsillitis from kids like that. – Bec Innes

I would have tried to keep her away from my daughter and would have sanitized her hands every 10 minutes. Would not have been impressed and probably would have made a comment. – Paula Karim

The horse has bolted

What is done is done. No point worring about it now. You will only drive your self crazy with what ifs. – Nickkey Hopping

I think, it’s already happened, let it go. But if you’re ever in the situation again, definitely ask them not to come. – Alex Meers

Protecting other kids is important

As a mum of a child with cystic fibrosis, the common cold can land my boy in hospital. A month ago, he picked up a virus and is still recovering from a secondary lung infection and on antibiotics. – Simone Louise

Yeah sorry taking a sick kid anywhere in public is not on, no excuse. I would have been furious at this mums lack of consideration for her own child and other people/children. Completely selfish. – Kristie Smeros

My son and I are asthmatic so and coughs tend to migrate to our chests. It’s downright selfish taking your sick kid to these events. – Candy Dickson

You can read all the helpful advice given, on the original Facebook post here:

#HELP! Our 5-year-old had a birthday party last weekend. It was great and everything but my friend brought her very,…

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