#HELP I have a reluctant toilet trainer. How can I get him out of nappies?

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You really know your baby is growing up when you start toilet training – and most mums are pretty excited to leave all those dirty nappies behind! But as one mum has discovered, sometimes the little folk in your life resist stepping up to the toilet. So in a bid to get the ball rolling and ensure toilet training is a positive experience for everyone, she asked our community of helpful parents.

Here’s what our Babyology readers had to say:  

#HELP! I’m after ideas to encourage my boy to start toilet training. He’s 2 years and 2 months old. I got him a nice toilet seat but he starts yelling the moment I tell him it’s time to go to the toilet. I’m not sure where to begin? All ideas are appreciated!

Too much, too early?

Don’t push him. Boys are hard. Both mine wouldn’t do it till after 3. They have to be ready or they go into a shell; just wait till he gives you the signs – when they do, they get done pretty quick. Mine were night trained straight away once they were ready – Ky Raelene Walker 

Wait a few months and try again. I tried to start my 3rd about 2 but he wasn’t ready until nearly 3. He’s not quite four and fully out of nappies, day and night. Only had 2 accidents since he went nappy free. – Kami Sullivan 

Clever mum tricks

Reward chart. Get a sticker on the chart each time they do something in the potty and when a row is filled they get a treat of their choice. My little one was trained by 2 1/2 . Don’t force it if they’re not ready. Use pull ups to start. Get him to sit on the potty every time you go for the toilet. – Crystal Rose Mckain 

When l was toilet training my son and daughter, l let them run around in jocks and knickers and put them in gumboots. When your child wets themselves, it runs into their gumboots; they get to not liking it and learn to go to the potty, so keep it handy that they can run. Another one is put glitter into the toilet 🚽- Kathy Whatman 

I used to cut up toilet paper in the shape of ships and put them in the loo for ‘target practise’. My boys LOVED going to the toilet. And as an added bonus they have been very good aims ever since. (They are now aged 25 and 26 😊) – Deece Campbell 

Get him to stand up and go instead of sitting on the toilet, that’s the only way my son would go. There are kids’ urinals you can buy that attach to the toilet and they have a little target on them. Makes it fun for the kids. Or buy a step so he can reach standing up. 
Instead of telling him to go and he is resisting, try asking him instead and trust that he will go when he feels he needs to. Sure he will have accidents but it kind of lets them feel in control of when they need to go. We found sticker charts also work great to get them going 🙂 . Kmart sell a great toilet training story book for boys and girls and it actually comes with a cool sticker chart. 
I also found not using pull ups and going straight to undies only worked well also. Go shopping together and let him pick out the undies that he likes to wear, make it an exciting time! – Nicole Roper

Mixed messages?

Is he in nappies during the day? If so he might be confused why you want him to go on the toilet … my 2 year old (26 months) started training about 2 months ago and now she hardly has any accidents so don’t listen to all the people who are saying he is not ready, if you think he is. You know him best. If he has the vocabulary and knows how it feels to have “the urge” then go for it. In the beginning I read to her whilst she was doing her business. – Paula Karim

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#HELP! I'm after ideas to encourage my boy to start toilet training. He's 2 years and 2 months old. I got him a nice…

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