#HELP My kids are constantly sick. What am I doing wrong?

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There’s nothing quite like that sinking feeling when you wake on a workday morning to discover your child is unwell and they won’t be going to childcare and you won’t be going to work.

After yet another round of sickness in her family, a frustrated mum turned to the Babyology community and asked advice – how can she keep her kids healthy?

#HELP! What am I doing wrong? My 1.5 and 3 year old daughters are constantly sick! The year is not even halfway and I have nearly used up all my sick days from work. I always make sure that they wash their hands before eating, they are rugged up when needed, we keep hydrated and we eat plenty of fruits and vegies. My friends keep saying that it’s just what happens at their age but is there anything more I can do? Any help would be much appreciated!

We feel your pain

So many parents could empathise and had handy immunity-boosting tips.

This was my life for the first year of daycare my now 2.5 year old was constantly sick, with a variety of things. We too did all the things you do , I did invest in some probiotics and immune boosters which I do think helped a bit, I also love a good essential oil! She still get croup a lot (about 10 time in the last year) but it passes quick. We have been about 12 months without any significant sickness. Hang in there, Mumma. I know how stressful and exhausting it is but it’s not anything you are doing, some kids like mine are more vulnerable. – Jessica Moussa 

We give our kids probiotics everyday, it’s said to improve immunity. I can honestly say both my kids were constantly sick during their first year of daycare and I used all my personal leave plus a lot of my annual leave. You will notice a big difference once your youngest gets through this stage. Hang in there! – Lella Sauma 

I had this experience with my eldest. After giving him probiotic every day and a flu shot, he has thankfully been a lot better (touch wood I haven’t just jinxed myself!!) – Alison Strudwick 

Everyone should keep their kids home when they’re sick

And then there are those other kids at daycare who really should be tucked up at home. It’s pretty challenging to keep your own child healthy and well when they are forced into close contact with others who are clearly under the weather.

It’s because parents send their kids to school/kinder/daycare sick so they can infect everyone else’s children. It’s selfish, lazy and dangerous and something needs to be done about it. Michelle Barry 

As well as parents being slack and sending sick kids to care, it’s also employers threatening jobs when parents need to take sick leave, and yeah it is excessive at times but if the pressure wasn’t on and we had a fully supportive family friendly, flexible employers we’d have a lot less parents sending sick kids to daycare. It’s a vicious circle. – Kristie Smeros 

First 12 months in any kind of care and your kid/s pick up everything… especially when other parents send their kids to care when sick (presumably because they’ve run out of sick days?) It DOES get better! – Leise Davis 

This is how you build a immune system

Other parents reminded us that littlies need to build a mature immune system – and they do this through exposure to illnesses. 

It’s just what happens at that age. As an immunologist I can tell you that anything that says that it ‘boosts immunity’ is rubbish and does not work (except vaccines). Multivitamins will not help. That’s just not how the immune system works. Christina Carroll 

They are building their immune systems! Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and adequate amounts of iron rich food. Always consult your GP if you’re concerned 😊 – Rebecca Docherty 

Let them eat dirt, get it under their nails and get licked by the dog. They’ll soon build up immunity. Oh and the 5 second rule is definitely a thing. Kim McClounan 

My son was like that too until he hit school age then his immune system got better. Tara Jones 


You can read all the helpful advice given, on the original Facebook post here:

#HELP! What am I doing wrong? My 1.5 and 3 year old daughters are constantly sick! The year is not even halfway and I…

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