#HELP Does my toddler really need to go to childcare to learn to socialise?

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If you’re not planning on returning to work after having kids, it can be hard to know when is the right time to introduce your kids to childcare – after all, it’s so lovely to be able to spend time at home with them, right? This mum was under pressure from family to send her toddler to daycare but she wasn’t convinced that it was the right thing to do, so she reached out to our helpful community of parents for advice.

Here’s what they had to offer:

#HELP! I have a 2 year old son and am a stay at home mum, which I love. My family are urging me to put him into childcare so he can learn and socialise, but I’m not sure. I’m happy with our situation, but am I holding my son back by not putting him into some childcare at this age? I’d love to hear from other stay at home parents about when their kids started childcare – was it worth it, and how did they cope? Thanks!

Mother knows best

You should do what you want to do. Childcare is not a necessity. You can teach him just as well. There are playgroups for meeting other children and socializing. Events at library’s, mothers groups etc etc. he’s your baby. Tell your family to mind their own. – Rebecca Speers 

Don’t listen to anyone, you know what is right for your family. We have never used childcare for our children and the first school setting my eldest experienced was prep (the other 3 are still at home), he is now in grade 1 and loves school, I don’t for a minute feel like he missed out by not going to child care. – Linda Swadling 

My son started daycare at 10 months (9 hours a week). My daughter started daycare at 6 months (6 hours a week).  Although I love them being at home with me, we all deserve a break sometimes! – Hailey Stoop 

You don’t need child care to socialise

My son turns 5 this weekend and never attended child care prior to kinder/school. He socialised with my friend’s kids and he attended playgroup once a week. He had no trouble transitioning to kinder and he started prep this year and loves it. Personality plays a big part, though. Is your child naturally shy? Is he emotionally stable – ie. does he need your constant presence and/or reassurance? My son is reserved but he’s emotionally independent and he adjusts well to change. If you identify that your child would benefit from a boost to his social skills and/or developing emotional stability then child care is one way to help develop these areas. Playgroup, mothers group, structured activities (karate, swimming, etc) are other great ways to build up those skills. In any case, you’re not going to ‘damage’ your child by not sending him to child care! He’ll learn these skills in due course. – Nicole Stegmann

He can socialise doing any kind of activity – the playground, the supermarket, going to a playgroup or organised activity like a music class. There’s plenty of opportunity for socialising in every day life. And the best part about him not being in care means that you get to SUPPORT him in these social engagements rather than him having to fend for himself. You are definitely NOT holding him back! Keep up the good work Mumma, and tell those people who are pressuring you to separate from him to back off 😘 – Nic Mutton 

A word from the experts

As an early childhood teacher, I think that time at home with you is very precious for both you and your chiId. I didn’t start my own children into any child care until they were three. Home time can be a lovely unrushed time of childhood. And there are so many opportunities to socialise with other children like attending playgroups, activities at public libraries etc. Enjoy that time with your child as it passes all too quickly. – Jan Maree Chivers

He is only 2. You are his mum.  Yes childcare does help with being social – I am a childcare educator myself but took time away to have my kids. My youngest was home with me till the year before school when I put her in preschool. It’s totally your decision. If you can enjoy this time, go for it xo – Krissy Lea 

You can read all the helpful advice given, on the original Facebook post here:

#HELP! I have a 2 year old son and am a stay at home mum, which I love. My family are urging me to put him into…

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