This new food processor is a total ninja in the kitchen (and we all need one!)

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Some days there’s no sugar coating it: feeding the family can feel like one big chore that involves trying to tempt little taste buds with a range of morsels that are more often than not rejected …

So it’s snaps all round for the new Ninja IntelliSense Kitchen System that takes so much of the pain out of mealtime prep. Sure, it may look like a simple food processor – but it’s so, so much more. It’s called a Kitchen System for a reason! Here’s all the fab stuff it can do for you with the press of a button:

Total crushing pitcher

The Ninja has a seriously powerful motor and it makes swift work of everything from ice to whole fruits in seconds. In mere minutes you can be serving up frozen drinks, ice cream and even snow cones.

High-speed blender cup

Designed with the on-the-go family in mind, you can quickly make smoothies and juices then pop on the drinking spout lid and take it with you. 

High-precision processor

Save yourself a bundle of time not doing the knife work necessary to prepare meals. The Ninja’s food processor lets you chop, chop, chop with zero effort. And when you’re feeling adventurous, you can give the dough setting a whirl and impress the heck out of the family with homemade pizzas.


Spiralising veggies might feel like something no busy mum really has time for – but you’d be totally wrong with the Ninja on your kitchen bench. And the added bonus? Little people will be super-keen to ‘help’ and pretty happy to eat the results too!

On top of all the snazzy functions, the Ninja IntelliSense Kitchen System has a couple more sensible features to make sure that you get the most out of the appliance:

Smart vessel recognition

So the machine can do a million things, right? Which can feel overwhelming – except that with the Smart Vessel Recognition, the touchscreen only offers a unique menu of programs that match the vessel you have put into the base. Which keeps things so simple that even the most sleep-deprived mama can drive it. 

Smart touchscreen display

The sleek, flat screen responds to your touch and lets you select between vessel-specific Smart Programs and manual options. And being a flat screen, it’s easy to keep clean and you don’t end up with mysterious bits of food hiding in places you can’t reach to clean. Genius.

The Ninja IntelliSense Kitchen System retails for $398.00

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